4 Tips On Looking Your Best With Patriotic Apparel

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Most Americans want to look their best each day. Wearing patriotic apparel is an excellent way to support the country while showing off your unique style. Shirts and hoodies with a patriotic twist set you apart from others, helping you stand out and draw attention to your national pride as an American citizen.

With Freedom Fatigues, you can look your best, rock a distinctive style, and support our country by wearing apparel from an American-owned patriotic clothing company.

Explore four tips on looking your best with patriotic apparel from Freedom Fatigues, including picking suitable attire for holiday events and wearing bold, America-focused shirts as part of your daily look.

The Right Apparel for the Event

While patriotic apparel looks perfect every day of the year, you can match it with special occasions to make an impression. For patriotic national holidays like Independence Day, President’s Day, or Flag Day, opt for Stars and Stripes-themed clothes to help you go the extra mile to show your American spirit. Go for classic vintage American Flag t-shirts or rock a classic patriotic look with the Spirit of ‘76 baseball cut shirt.

On holidays that honor the men and women who served in our nation’s armed forces, wear patriotic apparel that focuses on appreciating their sacrifice. On Memorial Day, wear clothing with subdued colors like black out of respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

On Veterans Day, choose clothing that shows appreciation for vets, preferably options supporting veteran-focused non-profits like Freedom Fatigues. Proceeds from all our sales go to organizations that support veterans returning home from their tours of duty.

Women's 76-stars Stripes Hoodie

Everyday Wear to Make a Statement

Americans have strong opinions, and we love to express them. Proudly show off your beliefs with a shirt, sweatshirt, or hat featuring a quote or slogan proclaiming your opinion on today’s issues.

If you are a proud gun owner, wear a shirt that shares your respect and reverence towards the 2nd amendment. The Betsy Ross 2A shirt affirms your support for gun ownership to all who come across your path.

If you take your constitutional rights seriously, wear a shirt that proudly displays text from the historical document. Opt for the We The People thermal shirt to remind others to whom this country belongs.

Proud patriots can wear shirts that feature favorite quotes from past American patriots on the front and back. Opt for a whiskey label-inspired shirt that honors Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death,” or a t-shirt featuring “Don’t Tread on Me” from the Gadsen flag.

Comfort is King

You need to be comfortable no matter what saying or image appears on your shirt. People always look their best when their clothing feels good and fits well. The key is to buy clothes made of high-quality materials.

Look for patriotic shirts made of soft yet durable materials like cotton, polyester, and rayon tri-blends. They should have an athletic cut but offer a wide range of sizes for those who prefer a looser fit and have an itch-free tag.

Choose adjustable hats that fit your head and hoodies with double-layered brushed fleece for added warmth. For example, Freedom Fatigues carries an extra comfortable heather green flag patch hoodie for women that offers ultimate coziness while also helping you look great.

Men's Patriotic Shirts

Buy 100% American Made Apparel

The most important tip for looking your best in patriotic apparel is ensuring every shirt, tank, hat, jacket, and accessory is 100% made in America. American-made clothes are high-quality products. You can proudly wear these home-grown items like the Love Her or Leave Her women’s t-shirt to support the American economy and share your ideals with like-minded citizens.

Look Your Best in Freedom Fatigues Patriotic Apparel

Freedom Fatigues is an armed forces and law enforcement veteran-owned small family business dedicated to providing patriots with high-quality, 100% American-made patriotic apparel. We screen print our clothes in our warehouse just outside of Detroit, with fabric 100% sourced in the USA.

More than just a clothing company, we are committed to honoring the service of all those who have put their lives on the line for the safety and freedom of our great nation. That’s why we have partnered with organizations like Mission 22 and First HELP which provide mental health services for veterans and first responders.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to these organizations to ensure that no veterans are left behind. Buy stylish, all-American patriotic apparel from Freedom Fatigues today.