5 Patriotic Accessories You’ll Need This Summer

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Summertime is a fantastic season for showing off your patriotism, and accessories make it easy for your summer style to shine. As you gear up for an amazing season, we’ve chosen a few star-spangled accessories to showcase your all-American style.

From traditional summer holidays and beach days to a backyard bash and splashing in the pool, our accessories can make the summer fun and stylish and add some patriotic personal touches to your summer season, so break out the cold drinks and flaunt your patriotic flair this summer.

Patriotic Fun in the Sun

Summer is a favorite time to head outside. Whether you’re heading off for a beach vacation, unpacking your tent for a camping excursion, or rigging up the poles for a weekend of fishing, the great outdoors and patriotic accessories go hand-in-hand.

If you enjoy hiking, camping, or spending time in the remote wilderness, the Survival Dog Tag is the ideal tool to have on hand in the event of an emergency. Discreet and easy to carry, it comes with numerous features to ensure you’re well-prepared for any survival situation.

Developed and patented by an Army veteran, this handy tool includes a sharp arrowhead and gut hook for cleaning game, serrated edges for scraping, and a 27" MIL-SPEC ball chain housed in paracord. The inner body can also double as a hand-held cutting tool.

Memorial Day

Honoring our fallen brothers and sisters is a summer tradition on Memorial Day. From parades commemorating the servicemembers lost in battle to bake sales and cookouts, Memorial Day is a time for remembrance and respect for our fallen troops. Honor our veterans with patriotic accessories that show your pride in the country they died defending.

The American Flag Full Color Paracord Bracelet is available in four sizes ranging from medium to XXL, accommodating wrists between 7.5” and 9” in diameter. This unique bracelet is handmade by an Army veteran and LEO and is composed of two 3’ sections of rugged paracord in a basket weave. It features a high-definition rendering of Old Glory on an anodized metal bar.

Independence Day

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without patriotic accessories. Whether you head down the block for a patriotic summer block party or grab your beach grill and head for the lake, a patriotic ball cap will keep you cool and U.S.A. proud in any summer weather.

Ball caps, range hats, and trucker hats with star-spangled graphics, patches, and logos help keep it cool this summer, so grab this essential accessory when heading to the ballpark, shooting range, or family barbecue.


The Betsy Ross Flag Patch trucker hat in kelly green is the perfect hat for your Independence Day festivities. Featuring a snapback closure and moisture-wicking sweatband, the green twill front panels sport our Betsy Ross American flag patch in vintage colors.

Labor Day

Amazing summer parties, fireworks, red, white, and blue fabrics, and an excellent accessory or two always make Labor Day a fun, patriotic celebration. Pay tribute to the American workforce by hosting a patriotic summer block party or spend the holiday weekend camping out with the best-looking patriotic accessory for the occasion.

The 3D Engraved USA Flag paracord bracelet features an engraved American flag on a metal bar that measures ¾" x 2" and is anodized to produce a subtle, matte black finish.

Sizzling Style

Showing your love of country is easy this summer when you have American accessories to mix and match, from fashion to home decor. Add to your summer style with a decal or sticker to make a statement that shows off your patriotic individuality.

Displaying a patriotic decal on the bumper of your car, in your truck window or on the body of your Jeep is a fantastic way to showcase your American pride this summer. Stickers can also give you a way to individualize your surroundings, meet like-minded people, and easily offend all the snowflakes out there.

Hitting the range and enjoying skeet or trap shooting with friends are fun pastimes in the mild summer weather. Defending your second amendment rights all year long is important in keeping these summer traditions alive. Display a Stars And Stripes 2A Butterfly sticker with red, white, and blue wings and a bullet body to showcase your support for the 2nd amendment and fundamental American rights.

Summer Ready With Freedom Fatigues

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, stay in patriotic style with accessory must-haves to keep your summer red, white, and true blue. From the pool to the BBQ and sea to shining sea, an accessory with a patriotic pattern, graphic, or logo can make your patriotic apparel boldly American.

Freedom Fatigues is a veteran/LEO-owned American lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to bringing you 100% American-made apparel and accessories. We also support our fellow veterans and first responders by partnering with non-profits to raise awareness about hero suicide and cumulative PTSD.