6 American Flag Hats You Should Wear

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There are many ways to show your pride in America. From serving in your community to running the stars & stripes up the flagpole each morning, every patriot has their way of expressing love toward the United States of America and honoring the heroes who make our freedom possible.

An American flag patriotic hat showing our nation’s colors can be a simple yet powerful way to show your commitment to our country and its freedoms. Wearing an American flag hat helps keep your head protected from the sun and shows everyone you meet that you support freedom and American values.

However, not all patriotic hats for men and flag caps are made equal. Some retailers sell hats made in sweatshops overseas, and many manufacturers use materials that fall apart after a few wears.

To support the message expressed by your hat, purchase a patriotic cap made in the U.S.A by American workers. Explore six of the best all-American flag hats you can wear with pride in support of our great nation, available from Freedom Fatigues.

Slate White Patriot Trucker Hat

Mesh Back Flag Trucker Hat

Classic, attractive, and comfortable to wear, the Mesh Back Flag Trucker Hat is the perfect patriotic accessory for daily use. It has two brushed twill slate front panels and a classic mesh back for optimal ventilation.

The visor is pre-curved for a classic ball cap look, and you can adjust the hat to your head size with a snap-back closure. The front has an oversized, hand-stitched full-color American flag patch proudly flying front and center.

More than just a good-looking hat, this classic trucker style hat was made in America by a multi-generational hat-making family business. Each hat supports the small businesses and workers who make this nation great and helps put money back into our communities instead of sending it to a far-off country.

Flag Patch Trucker Hat

Betsy Ross Flag Hat

The Betsy Ross Flag Hat connects your patriotism with the brave heroes that founded our great nation. The classic, original flag design on this hat is in honor of Betsy Ross, the woman credited with sewing the first flag that flew over our proud nation for General Washington. On his orders, she created the first colors brought forward by soldiers braving gunfire to defend our home, giving our proud flag a baptism by fire.

The hand-stitched oversized embroidered American flag features a ring of 13 stars and 13 red and white strips sewn on a brown twill and tan mesh cap. This hat is adjustable to fit any size head and has a moisture-wicking headband for hot or humid days.

The traditional flag baseball cap design features a pre-curved bill and a classic top button in the center of the hat. Wearing this hat supports an all-American business and reminds everyone you see of our nation's long struggle for freedom and the heroes whose dogged sacrifice has made our country a success.

Don't Tread On Me Ball Cap

Gadsden Flag Inspired Don't Tread On Me Flag Hat

One of the most iconic flags of the Revolutionary War, the Gadsden Flag has been a treasured symbol of our independence since it was first flown in 1775. The original flag featured a coiled rattlesnake with the stark warning: Don’t Tread On Me. This flag has long been used by patriots who are proud of the rights our nation treasures and willing to stand up to defend our nation's values if they are threatened.

The Gadsden Flag Inspired Don’t Tread On Me Flag Hat is made from a comfortable, breathable soft white mesh with two heather gray twill front panels. The hat features the Freedom Fatigues logo on the side and the famous Gadsden Rattlesnake on the left front panel. The cap has a medium profile with a pre-curved bill and does not have a top button, making it ideal for wearing with ear protection or over-ear headphones.

Alpine Multicam Mesh Back Ball Cap

Alpine Camo Flat Hat

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, tactical operators, and coast guard members have kept our nation safe for generations. Honor the brave men and women who have worn our colors on camouflage uniforms in conflicts around the world with the Alpine Camo Flat Hat.

The stars & stripes patch is available in full red, white, and blue color or a more subdued white and gray combination. The rest of the hat coordinates with an alpine camo bill and white mesh back. The Freedom Fatigues logo is proudly embroidered on the side in gray, forming an eye-catching contrast to the muted tones of the hat.

Freedom Fatigues partners with a small, family-run company to produce their hats and is proud to support the heroes that wore our nation's colors on their uniforms. We utilize another veteran-owned company to make our American flag patches. Wearing this hat does more than just express patriotism; it supports those whose sacrifice has made our nation possible.

Black Cap

Black on Black Flag Ball Cap

This murdered-out, black on black medium profile USA flag ball cap will turn heads everywhere you go. The flag’s colors have been changed from the usual red, white, and blue to a stark contrast of just back and silver.

Although the Black on Black Flag Ball Cap’s design may seem modern, it traces its roots back to the Civil War. White flags are traditionally flown to symbolize surrender, so some soldiers in that terrible conflict began flying black flags to show they would never surrender. In the modern day, this flag represents respect for law enforcement and honor towards those soldiers who put low-relief American flags on their trucks and vehicles during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

This hat is proudly made from high-quality mesh and twill by a family-owned business. The patch is produced by a veteran-owned organization and hand sewn on the cap for durability and extra quality. It has a durable velcro strap that gives a sturdy adjustable fit and features a branded side panel and a moisture-wicking sweatband for hours of comfortable wear.

Blue Cap

Blue Stretch Fit Mesh Flag Hat

This custom-made Blue Stretch Fit Mesh Flag Hat is proudly cut, sewn and built in America for patriotic Americans. It has a large embroidered USA flag front and center and complements the red, white and blue with royal blue athletic pro stretch mesh fabric. The hat can stretch to fit virtually any head size securely and is available in medium, large, and extra large. It has a pre-curved visor and a medium profile for a comfortable fit, and it is made with excellent American craftsmanship that will last for years.

Freedom Fatigues is More Than a Clothing Company

Freedom Fatigues is a proud American lifestyle and apparel company. Chris Vargo, an Air Force and law enforcement veteran, founded Freedom Fatigues to provide American consumers with high-quality, American-made patriotic apparel they can wear with pride.

He felt the need to found a company based on the principles he had defended in uniform and wanted to provide fellow patriots with high-quality patriotic gear.

Since day one, Freedom Fatigues has been committed to American suppliers. We proudly offer clothing and accessories made from American materials, from American-grown cotton for fabrics in many instances to American-produced and tanned leather products.

We are also proud to partner with other veteran and American family-owned businesses. We believe in American industry and that small, independent businesses make our nation great and spread prosperity across the country.

Freedom Fatigues is a company that embodies the principles of patriotism and love of country. There is no better way to express your love for this great land of ours than honoring and supporting those who have sacrificed for our freedom. These heroes have made our freedom and prosperity possible, and it is the duty of Americans to support them and thank them for their service.

That’s why a portion of the proceeds from every sale at Freedom Fatigues goes to support military and law enforcement organizations. We partner with organizations that help our heroes when they return from deployments or difficult first-responder assignments. Often these proud Americans have wounds, both physical and psychological, from their time in uniform, and these organizations ensure they get proper physical and mental health care.

We are proud to give back to organizations like Mission 22 and Call for Backup that work tirelessly to ensure that all our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement veterans get the help they need and help build a community for those who feel isolated or alone.

Find High-Quality Patriotic Gear at Freedom Fatigues

Shop for your patriotic flag hats at Freedom Fatigues and support a veteran-owned family business that makes products in America. Explore our hats and caps today and proudly wear a hat that shows how much you love our great nation.