7 Unique Ways to Wear Men’s Patriotic Sweatshirts

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Wearing patriotic apparel shows off your American pride, so it’s natural to want to wear your patriotic and American flag clothing all the time. We’ve put together unique ways of wearing your Freedom Fatigues men’s patriotic sweatshirts you may not have considered before.

Flag Flying Fitness

Whether you hit the trails every morning for a brisk run or enjoy shooting hoops at the local gym, the Freedom Fatigues ‘76 Stars & Stripes hoodie over a tank top or patriotic t-shirt and a pair of shorts keep your core temperature just right for a workout.

Stars Stripes Hoodie

The retro, screen-printed American flag graphic features bold, patriotic colors celebrating Independence Day. Pair it with your best court shoes or favorite tennies to look and feel at the top of your game.

Layered-Up Patriotic Apparel

One of the best things about a patriotic sweatshirt is that you can wear one in the morning as part of a layered look while the day is cool and simply shed a layer when temperatures rise.

Dont Tread On Me Hoodi

This look works well with a crewneck patriotic t-shirt underneath a cotton or flannel button-down shirt, depending on the weather. Top it off with the Don’t Tread on Me (DTOM) tri-blend fleece hoodie featuring a Gadsden-inspired graphic on the back and a pair of sneakers or hiking boots.

All-American Athleisure

Athleisure wear enables you to go from a rigorous workout to a casual outing. Athleisure is one of fashion’s hottest trends, and a patriotic hoodie from Freedom Fatigues lets you elevate your style. A patriotic hoodie, sweatpants, and your favorite brand of sneakers ensure you’re comfortable and casually fashion-conscious.

American Flag Patch Hoodie

The men’s American Flag Patch hoodie is the ultimate blend of super-soft, tri-blend, Army-green hoodie and fashion-forward American flag apparel that will let your patriotism shine. You can also swap out the 3.75"x2.5" Velcro flag patch with patches of the same size or any standard 2”x3” patch.

Retro Patriotic Pride

A vintage-style bomber or leather, biker-style jacket over your patriotic sweatshirt will have the ladies swooning over your all-American, rugged charm. Wear this look with a faded pair of denim jeans, cargo pants, and work or jump boots for a casual patriotic style.

Thermal Heather Charcoal

The Freedom Fatigues men’s We The People heavyweight thermal sweatshirt comes in a rich, dark, charcoal gray that blends well with the rest of your wardrobe, so you can feel your patriotic best every day. The screen printed graphic on the front is the Constitution’s introduction, and the long sleeves sport an FF brand logo and flag on the right.

On-the-Job American Pride

Shake things up in the workplace and put your best fashion foot forward by wearing a suit and hoodie in the same color tones. A gray, tailored suit underneath a dark-colored, patriotic hoodie makes for a bold and fashionable move in the boardroom or workplace.

Vertical Flag Pullover Hoody

The Vertical American Flag Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt sports a distressed, screen printed flag graphic on the back of our ultra-soft, tri-blend, fleece pullover. Slip on your white sneakers to make a statement with your patriotic apparel.

Down Home Patriotism

Nothing shows off your patriotic spirit like a good, old-fashioned patriotic shirt. Make sure your message comes through loud and clear by wearing your patriotic sweatshirt with a casual pair of camo pants or simple pair of jeans.

Choose a pair of casual loafers or oxfords with this style to call attention to your patriotic We The People thermal sweatshirt in a cozy, heather-gray, poly/cotton/rayon blend. This long-sleeved sweatshirt also features an itch-free, custom tag and screen printed graphic of a Constitutional quote.

Cold-Weather Patriotic Apparel

Since the hoodie burst onto the fashion scene on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1930s, Americans have been using this versatile garment as a warm under-layer for their heavy outer coats.

Freedom Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie under a trenchcoat or Navy-style peacoat is a warm choice for any weather. The Freedom Fatigues’ Freedom Hoodie" is one of our most popular designs, with the word “Freedom” printed down the right sleeve and an FF eagle logo on the left chest of our soft, cotton/poly blend pullover fleece.

American Flag Apparel And Patriotic Clothing At Freedom Fatigues

Whether you wear your patriotic sweatshirts at home, at work, or out in the wild, Freedom Fatigues has 100% American-made patriotic apparel and accessories to satisfy your patriotic pride.

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