American Apparel Tank Tops for Women

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Tank tops are a must-have summer garment and a stylish alternative to t-shirts. They are ideal for keeping cool during the warmer days and for layering under overshirts or sweaters on chilly evenings.

If you’re looking for new tank tops to add to your wardrobe, why not buy 100% American-made? Browse Freedom Fatigues’ collection and choose one of the patriotic women’s tank tops to show your national pride and support for American veterans and first responders.

Womens Vintage American Flag Tank Top

Vintage American Flag Patriotic Tank Top

The American national flag is known under many monikers: the Stars & Stripes, Old Glory, the Star-Spangled Banner, or simply Red, White, and Blue.

The U.S. government adopted the current 50-star design on July 4, 1960, following Hawaii’s admission into the union as the 50th state. This version is the longest-lived American flag, used for over 60 years.

Wearing a top featuring the Stars & Stripes flag is one of the easiest ways to show patriotic support and your love for the country.

This 100% U.S.-made tank top features a tattered version of our national flag with a vintage feel. The classic printed flag design contrasts nicely with the heather gray background, making the flag’s colors pop. The back features a miniature version of our Freedom Fatigues logo in white.

This tank top is a racerback design, available in six sizes: XS-2XL. All versions feature a tailored cut for a snug and comfortable fit. If you prefer a looser fit, choose a top size above your own.

The triple-blend fabric offers a super soft combination of polyester, cotton, and rayon, making the tank top comfortable for all seasons.

America Life Liberity

Unalienable Rights Muscle Tank

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important foundational documents in American history. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, the declaration formally established America as a nation independent of the United Kingdom.

Although not legally binding, the Declaration of Independence is one of the cornerstones of American identity.

You may recognize its powerful preamble: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

If Jefferson’s statement resonates, the Unalienable Rights tank top is for you. The tank top features the declaration’s famous seven words in the center, alongside the word “America” and the year 1776. Underneath, a pair of revolvers symbolizing the Second Amendment are flanked by the words “Freedom Fatigues.”

This muscle tank top is available in two colors: plain black or pewter. Both versions feature a white design printed on premium-grade blended fabric (bamboo-cotton). For added comfort, the tag is custom-made and itch-free.

This tank top was entirely designed and produced in the USA, right down to the knitting. All the materials used to create this tank top are 100% American sourced.

We Be People Women T-shirt

“We The People” Preamble Tank Top

Besides the Declaration of Independence, the most important foundational document of the United States is the Constitution. Drafted primarily by James Madison in 1787, ratified in 1788, and enacted in 1789, the Constitution defines the role of government. It sets checks and balances so no one branch of government becomes too powerful.

The Constitution also contains the Bill of Rights, which enumerates the first ten Amendments to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights lists the fundamental rights guaranteed to every American, including the right to free speech, the freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to privacy.

The Constitution is preceded by the Preamble. Written by a founding father named Gouverneur Morris, the preamble famously begins with three bold words: “We the People.” These iconic words reflect where the Constitution’s power comes from: not from a King or ruling class, but from the American people themselves.

This black women’s tank top features the entirety of the Preamble’s text on the back, starting with a stylized version of the words “We the People” as Morris originally hand wrote them on the historic document. The front features the Freedom Fatigues logo on the left chest.

This tank top is made of 100% U.S.-sourced materials and is made with a tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon for year-round softness and comfort.

The tank top is not only ideal for showing your support of the Constitution and the rights enumerated within, but also the American jobs that produced it and brought it to you, so wear it proudly.

Black Half T-shirt

Murdered Out American Flag Tank Top

If you love the timeless design of the American flag but prefer not to wear bright colors like reds and blues, we’ve got you covered. The Murdered Out American Flag Tank Top combines traditional patriotism with subtle sleekness and a bit of edge.

The term “murdered-out” comes from the automotive universe, where it is synonymous with “all-black” or “blacked-out.” A murdered-out car refers to an originally colorful vehicle that has been given an all-black, non-gloss color scheme.

A murdered-out American flag uses the same design philosophy. It renders Old Glory in shades of black and dark gray, creating a design reminiscent of tactical infrared U.S. flag patches used by special operations personnel.

This tank top features a large-sized, murdered-out version of the American flag in front, making it a perfect gift for active-service personnel, proud military wives and girlfriends, and civilian women who appreciate the military and its efforts in protecting American freedom. The back features an alternative version of the Freedom Fatigues logo (FF with stars). All printed elements employ matte black colors in true murdered-out fashion.

Women's Freedom Logo Racer Tank White

Freedom Fatigues Branded Racerback Tank

This all-white tank top features two printed elements. In the front, you will find a black printed Freedom Fatigues logo with an oval American flag design flanked by two stars. In the back, a singular black five-pointed star, identical to those used for representing each state on the Stars and Stripes.

This tank top employs an extra-soft, bamboo-cotton-spandex blend in its construction, making it durable, lightweight, and breathable. It is 100% made in the USA.

Five-pointed stars have been used on all American flags since the original Betsy Ross flag, as outlined in the Flag Act of 1777. But did you know there is a historical reason behind this choice?

In 1776, the Continental Congress formed a committee to decide the design of the American national flag. Although their original specifications requested a six-pointed star, Betsy Ross, the Philadelphia upholsterer credited with manufacturing the first American national flag, argued in front of the committee that a five-pointed star would be easier to cut and sew.

This star design has been used in all versions of the national flag ever since, including on Freedom Fatigues’ patriotic tank tops and apparel.

Support American Labor and Heroes with Freedom Fatigues

Freedom Fatigues is a proudly veteran-owned business dedicated to providing the highest-quality men’s and women’s patriotic apparel possible. Buying a tank top from us isn’t just supporting our family-operated business; you are helping support many other American jobs through our supply partners.

We also donate a percentage of our net profit to charities and non-profit organizations supporting veterans and first responders, adding real patriotic value to your purchases.