American Flag T-Shirts and Patriotic Clothing Made in the USA

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Womens 2a Betsy Ross Flag

Americans love showing their national pride. We put the flag out on the 4th of July, honor our troops on Veterans and Memorial Day, and work daily to ensure that our Republic born in Liberty continues to thrive.

Many patriotic Americans love to show their devotion to their country by wearing American flag patriotic t-shirts. If you are an American who loves to have the USA flag on your chest all year long, always wear 100% American-made patriotic t-shirts like the apparel from Freedom Fatigues.

Freedom Fatigues takes American-made apparel seriously. We exclusively source all our materials from American suppliers, from the cotton and synthetic fibers for the clothes down to the thread for the stitching. Proud American workers make each item of clothing we sell in our facility outside of Detroit.

Check out these 100% American-made patriotic t-shirts and tanks for you to express your pride in the Land of the Free.

Women's Vintage American Flag Boyfriend Fit T-shirt

Women’s Vintage American Flag T-Shirt

Simple, patriotic, and comfortable, this heather gray ultra-soft cotton, polyester, and rayon women’s shirt is great for patriotic holidays or daily wear. It features a full-color distressed American flag screen printed on the front with tattered edges to show that Old Glory may be torn, but she still flies proudly over a free land.

This shirt is proudly 100% American-made and a perfect 4th of July tee shirt, with the cotton and synthetic fabrics made in the United States and the double-needle stitched hems sewed from American thread by American workers in Michigan.

Women's We The People Preamble Patriotic Tank Top

Women’s “We The People” Tank Top

Sometimes it seems the folks in Washington forget the wise words our Founding Fathers wrote in the Preamble to the Constitution.

Remind them, and all who forget, what ideas our nation was founded upon with this screen printed racerback tank top. The back has “We The People” written in script on the top, with the full text of the Preamble written sideways down the back of the tank.

This tank is 100% American-made, down to the very knitting of the fabric, and is proud to carry the founding words of our nation.


Women’s Murdered Out Flag Tank Top

Exclusively available from Freedom Fatigues, this shirt features a matte black American flag over a heather black background on the front and the Freedom Fatigues logo on the back that is only visible when viewed from a specific angle. The tanktop is tailor-cut for a tight fit but can be looser if ordered a size larger.

Women's Patriotic Shirts

Women’s American Patriot T-Shirt

This heather black shirt has a simple, clear message screen printed on the front. A rough image of a full-color American flag with the word “Patriot” is clearly printed in black over the colors. This simple message can speak volumes.

Let everyone you see know what kind of a person you are and what you feel toward our country. The cotton used in the tri-blend was grown on American soil, and Americans made the other materials in American factories. Be a proud American and support other hard-working citizens whenever you wear this shirt.

Men's Back T-shirt

Men’s American Flag Tank Top

Our flag is a beacon of hope worldwide; where it flies, freedom reigns. Honor our nation and respect our flag with this gray-on-black tank top. Old Glory is vertically displayed as a symbol of our country, and the freedoms generations of Americans have fought and died for.

The tanktop is 100% American-made, just as any truly patriotic apparel should be.

American gri

Men’s American Grit T-Shirt

Americans are a tough breed. Whenever we fall, we dust ourselves off, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, learn from our mistakes, and live to fight another day. Our nation has been made great by the millions of Americans who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into tilling the land, building the buildings, and fighting our enemies.

Honor the grit that has made us into the world’s greatest country with this shirt. Made of an ultra-soft heather brown tri-blend and printed with a high-quality screen print, this shirt displays a tattooed bare-knuckle boxer putting up his dukes in front of the Stars and Stripes.

This shirt is 100% made in with typical grit and American determination in the Freedom Fatigues factory just outside of Detroit.

wwii Army Indian

Men’s WWII Army Motorcycle Patriotic Shirt

The Indian Model 741 is a legend in the armed forces. Initially commissioned by the army, this motorcycle served with distinction in WWII. It carried messengers and couriers bearing important messages around the front. It was the motorcycle of the military police and was used on daring reconnaissance missions.

Honor this legendary ride with this army green ultra-soft shirt. The shirt has shoulder-to-shoulder taping for extra durability and double-needle hemstitching for added longevity.
Like the Indian Model 741 it honors, this tee shirt is made by hardworking Americans who continue the same legacy of excellence in American industry.

Patriot Born Free

Men’s Patriot Born Free T-Shirt

This shirt states that the wearer “Contains no less than 100% American Pride By Volume.” If that is the type of American you are, then grab a cold beer and relax in beautiful Star Spangled freedom. This shirt puts the words “Patriot Born Free 1776” over the Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer label to symbolize both the love of our great nation and the love of good times.

This shirt honors the freedoms our nation affords us. The shirt also has a reversed American flag on its sleeve, which looks like the flag patches the members of our armed forces have worn when defending our cherished liberties.

Freedom Fatigues Stands for Quality and American Values

As a small, family-owned business, we are dedicated to delivering quality to every customer. We don’t use cheap materials or sweatshop labor to cut costs on our tanks and t-shirts for women and men.

We manufacture all our products at a facility outside of Detroit, and everything we sell is made from 100% American materials.

We believe in American industry, quality, and honoring those whose sacrifices in uniform make our nation great and our freedoms possible. Freedom Fatigues has partnered with organizations like Call For Backup and Victory Gym. These organizations are committed to providing our armed forces and first responder veterans with the help they need after their duty is over. They ensure every veteran gets the mental help they need and know their sacrifice is appreciated and honored by every American.

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to help these organizations. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $99. Show off your patriotism, support an American company, and honor our veterans with flag t-shirts and patriotic clothing from Freedom Fatigues.