Best Patriotic Paracord Bracelets (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

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Paracord bracelets, also known as survival bracelets, have been gaining popularity over the last few years as both a practical and fashionable accessory for men and women due to their intricate weaving and stylish metal clips.

What many people don’t know about these handy and stylish accessories is that paracord survival bracelets started as a way for soldiers to carry extra supplies without weighing down their packs.

To make an informed purchase, learn more about what features to look for in a paracord bracelet and discover some of the best patriotic paracord bracelets available at Freedom Fatigues.

What You Should Know About Paracord

There are two types of paracord available for purchase. The first type is mil-spec paracord, which is certified to military specifications. Commercial paracord is made like mil-spec paracord, but it is not certified.

Mil-spec paracord, sometimes called 550 cord, is a lightweight, kernmantle rope made from nylon, developed by the military and first used as suspension lines for parachutes in World War 2. Paracord is popular because even though it is a lightweight rope with high flexibility and stretch capacity, it is extremely strong, especially when multiple strands of paracord are used together.

The kernmantle weaving process is what gives paracord incredible strength and elasticity. Kernmantle ropes, like paracord and modern climbing rope, have a braided outer sheath called a mantle and an inner core composed of one or more smaller strands.

The nylon yarns that compose the paracord’s core, or kern, are made of two or three twisted nylon strands, giving the rope its strength. The braided nylon sheath keeps the core safe from abrasions, and the more strands used to braid the sheath, the greater the flexibility of the paracord.

Paracord is a top choice among survival tools for many reasons. Over time, this unassuming gear’s strength, stretch, and versatility made it useful in various ways, from bundling supplies together to makeshift sutures in a battlefield pinch.

Soldiers eventually began crafting bracelets from lengths of 3-12 feet of paracord to have some of this essential survival gear on hand. 550 cord became a popular choice for survival kits and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Nowadays, when people refer to paracord, they mean 550 cord.

Features to Look for When Buying a Paracord Bracelet

Cheap fashion accessories may have the woven appearance of an authentic paracord bracelet but don’t offer the same durability and strength. Here are some crucial features to consider when choosing a paracord bracelet:


Mil-spec and high-quality non-certified paracord are typically made from nylon. It is a synthetic fiber with high tensile strength and elasticity, able to support heavy weights and resist abrasion. Nylon also melts when exposed to heat, allowing you to seal cut ends to prevent fraying.

Low-quality paracord bracelets are commonly made from polyester, which is cheaper to manufacture and doesn’t offer the same strength and durability as nylon.


The knot pattern or weave is often the most noticeable feature of a paracord bracelet. There are numerous weave types, from Jacob to trilobite to fishtail to cobra, each offering a unique pattern. Some specific designs are used because they can provide denser weaves that accommodate higher paracord lengths.


Paracord bracelets can be secured with or without a clasp. Clasp-free designs often feature an adjustable length of paracord, allowing you to put on and take off the bracelet easily. However, clasp-free designs are not ideal for rapid deployment.

Plastic buckle clasps are easy to use and keep your bracelet securely on your wrist until you need it. Other clasp designs include shackles and cobra buckles.

Paracord Bracelet Buying Guide

If you are looking to add a paracord bracelet to your collection, here are five of the best paracord bracelets from Freedom Fatigues:

American Flag

Some bracelets today are made from craft cord, which shouldn’t be confused with military-grade parachute cord. The Freedom Fatigues Red, White, And Blue American Flag" paracord bracelet is made from 100% American-made paracord and hand-made by an Army Veteran and LEO.

USA Flag Bracelet

Available in four sizes, from medium to two extra-large, the American Flag paracord bracelet has a ¾” x 2” metal, full-color American flag bar and a side release buckle. The survival bracelet comprises two lengths of paracord woven in a Jacob-style knot.

Vietnam Service Ribbon

The Vietnam Service Ribbon paracord bracelet is crafted from two 3’ lengths of high-quality, American-made paracord in a basket-style/ Jacob weave to give you an outdoor edge on your next adventure. From fishing line and camping tasks to starting a fire and first aid uses, having some paracord strapped around your wrist in an FF survival bracelet is a practical and possibly life-saving decision.

Vietnam Service Ribbon Paracord Bracelet

The ¾” x 2” metal bar features the yellow, red, and green of the Vietnam Service Ribbon worn by those who served in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, or Laos. This versatile accessory can be used when camping, hiking, or backcountry hunting to secure shelters and rig snares.

3D Engraved American Flag

The 3-D Engraved American Flag paracord bracelet features an anodized metal bar engraved with an American flag in a sleek, matte-black finish and a ⅝” side release buckle. The two lengths of 3’ paracord in our Freedom Fatigues survival bracelets are 100% American-made and hand-woven by an Army veteran and former LEO using a Jacob-style basket weave. 

3D Engraved USA Flag

Attaching survival gear to your bracelet is another way to use your Freedom Fatigues patriotic survival bracelet. Small items, such as a metal clasp for keys, an emergency whistle, an LED light, or a piece of stainless steel with a flint fire starter, can be attached to or woven into the bracelet.

Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon

In a survival situation, paracord can also be used to fashion a bow for hunting game and to start a fire after you’ve caught your dinner.

Our veterans overseas know the value of critical thinking and adaptability, so Freedom Fatigues has several survival bracelets featuring Ribbons from different campaigns. The Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon paracord bracelet, honoring veterans who served in this conflict, features an anodized metal service ribbon measuring 2” x ¾” and has a side release, ⅝” buckle.

Afghanistan Campaign Paracord Bracelet

Military personnel serving active duty within the borders of Afghanistan are awarded the Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon. If you served, you can keep your medal on display at home and still carry your ribbon with pride on your wrist with our Freedom Fatigues paracord bracelet. This bracelet can fit veterans with up to an 8.5” wrist and comes in two sizes.

Thin Blue Line

Paracord’s versatility comes from the materials used to manufacture this lightweight rope and how it is constructed. The thin nylon strands that form the core of your 550 cord can be pulled out and used as a fishing line or to mend tears in clothing, tarps, and tents.

USA Flag Thin Blue Line

First responders know that paracord has several uses for first aid. A tourniquet can be fashioned using a length of paracord, or the core strands can be used for emergency sutures when necessary.

The Thin Blue Line paracord bracelet from Freedom Fatigues features a metal gray and black American flag with the Thin Blue Line honoring the brave men and women serving in law enforcement. Available in four sizes, from medium to two extra large, this survival bracelet is hand-woven by an Army Veteran and LEO.

Freedom Fatigues Apparel and Accessories

Whether you enjoy the look of an American flag paracord bracelet on your wrist as a patriotic fashion statement or you proudly wear the campaign ribbon you earned overseas serving in our Military Forces, a paracord bracelet is the most patriotic accessory you can wear.

Even if you simply appreciate the added security of having a length of paracord ready at all times, a Freedom Fatigues paracord bracelet is just what you need to show off your patriotic spirit. Freedom Fatigues has the most patriotic paracord bracelets available, and we guarantee they’re 100% American-made, right down to the paracord itself.

Our family-run, Veteran/LEO-owned business takes pride in offering only the highest-quality patriotic apparel and accessories possible. We partner exclusively with other American companies and donate a portion of all purchases to non-profits working to raise awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide in veterans and first responders.