Best Womens’ Patriotic American Flag Tank Tops

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Womens’ patriotic tank tops aren’t just for the Fourth of July. They are wardrobe staples with colors and designs that never go out of style and that you can confidently wear year-round.

If you’re looking to add American flag-themed tank tops to your wardrobe and be one among We the People, don’t buy them from a faceless company that sources its materials overseas. The best patriotic tank tops are 100% U.S.-produced, from knitting to packing, and they’re available here at Freedom Fatigues.

USA Flag Print T-shirt

Vintage American Flag Patriotic Tank Top

Classic American patriotic clothes typically feature the national flag or patterns and color schemes inspired by Old Glory’s red, white, and blue. The Vintage American Flag Tank Top is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a patriotic tank top with a design that will remain timeless for decades.

This women’s American flag tank top features the current 50-star version of the national flag in its original colors, officially adopted by the government on July 4, 1960.
Parts of the flag print have been given a worn-out look and feel, reminiscent of a tattered, vintage flag still being flown proudly.

We offer this screen printed design on a racerback tank top with a form-fitting, tailored cut. This top is available in six different sizes (XS to 2XL), and we recommend sizing up if you prefer a looser, more casual fit.

The top is constructed out of a tri-blend fabric (polyester, cotton, and rayon) in heather gray, contrasting perfectly with the flag’s colors and helping it stand out.

White T-shirt

Freedom Fatigues Branded Racerback Tank

Sometimes, the simplest designs are the most effective. If you need a plain white tank top with a stylish patriotic design, look no further than our branded Freedom Fatigues racerback tank top.

This silky racerback tank features a printed design patterned after our national flag: a small, black monochrome oval print featuring the star-spangled banner, twin stars, and the words Freedom Fatigues on the left breast.

In the back, you’ll find a simple black star between the shoulder blades, completing the tank top’s look with a subtle but unmistakably American aesthetic.

This tank top is fabricated from white athletic fabric, using a blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex. Five sizes are currently available: XS, S, M, L, and XL.

This stretch-resistant fabric isn’t just silky-soft but also highly durable, ideal for the gym and other outdoor activities. The custom-designed itch-free tag ensures that this patriotic top won’t get in the way or grow uncomfortable, no matter how active you are.

Women's Pretty Packin

Pretty Packin’ Patriot Tank

Designed for American women who exercise their Second Amendment rights, this heather gray racerback tank top features a front and back printed design signaling your love for guns, freedom, and this great nation.

The front design features a black Pretty Packin’ Patriot logo alongside the bullet butterfly, a butterfly with a rifle cartridge body, and wings of the same red, white, and blue as our national flag. The bullet butterfly is also featured on the back, with its wings fully deployed between your shoulder blades.

Like our other tri-blend tank tops, the Pretty Packin’ Patriot Tank is 100% U.S.-made. Its polyester-cotton-rayon construction gives it a lightweight feel, silk-like softness, and long-lasting durability.

Black T-shirt

Murdered Out American Flag Tank Top

The expression “murdered-out” describes matte, blacked-out versions of otherwise colorful objects. The term perfectly characterizes the black-on-black American flag design on this tank top, which offers a stylish and edgy alternative to the traditional stars & stripes.

This patriotic top’s design is reminiscent of the subdued and infrared flag patches employed by military and law enforcement personnel in tactical situations, where wearing a full-color version may compromise an operator’s safety.

The Murdered-Out Tank Top is constructed using the same super soft tri-blend fabric as the Vintage American Flag Top but uses heather black fabric instead of gray. Six sizes are available, from XS to 2XL.

Whether you are active-service military, a law enforcement officer, or a patriotic civilian, you’ll appreciate this patriotic top’s sleek look, attractive design, and comfortable fit.

Why You Can Trust Freedom Fatigues

There’s nothing more patriotic than supporting hard-working Americans and our economy. At Freedom Fatigues, we only offer apparel that is 100% made in the U.S., so you can be sure that every purchase truly helps your fellow American.

Every tank top, shirt, hoodie, and accessory we sell is fabricated in the United States using locally-sourced materials. Every item we ship is bagged, tagged, labeled, and sent to you by American hands from a veteran- and LEO-owned company.

We also partner with fellow veteran-owned businesses to manufacture specific items and components, such as flag patches.

All items in stock are always ready to ship within 1-2 business days, and we offer free domestic shipping on all orders valued at $99 or more. We also provide a free patriotic Freedom Fatigues sticker with every order.

Freedom Fatigues also partners with GovX to give military, healthcare workers, and first responders 15% off products from our site for life. Check your eligibility here.

Freedom Fatigues Is Proud to Give Back to America’s Heroes

Freedom Fatigues is owned and operated by a 9-year military and 18-year LEO veteran with a simple objective: to give back to the communities he has spent his life working with and serving.

In addition to providing you with superior-quality patriotic apparel that embodies the American way of life, when you buy from Freedom Fatigues, you are also supporting our American heroes at home.
We pledge to donate a percentage of the money obtained from each sale to non-profit organizations supporting military, police, veteran, and first-responder mental health, such as Mission 22, Victory Gym, Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, Blue Help, and the Call for Backup association.