Born in the USA: 8 Patriotic American Styles You Need for Summer

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From Memorial Day to Constitution Day, summertime is an ideal time to display your American pride and love for your country with patriotic clothing and apparel.

If you are looking for the best patriotic apparel to wear in the summer, Freedom Fatigues carries a selection of 100% American-made t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, raglans, and more.

Memorial Day

Although it lands on the last Monday of May, most Americans consider Memorial Day the unofficial start of summer.

A solemn holiday requires appropriate apparel. Consider black or darker patriotic apparel to demonstrate your appreciation for our veterans. Wearing dark colors shows respect for the sacrifices our veterans have made to secure our freedom and honors those who have protected that freedom in World War 2, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


For Men: Vertical Flag Patriotic Hoodie

This stylish patriotic men’s hoodie features a heather black fabric color and a large, monochrome, distressed American flag on the back, laid vertically.

You’ll also find a smaller, non-distressed American flag print on the right sleeve and an oval U.S. flag-and-stars Freedom Fatigues logo on the left chest. This hoodie is 100% U.S.-made and manufactured from a comfortable polyester-cotton-rayon blend.


For Women: 22 A Day T-Shirt

This black T-shirt features a 22 Veterans A Day design, with the American flag and the slogan “Heavy Is The Weight Of Freedom.” The phrase “22 Veterans A Day” refers to the VA’s estimation that approximately 22 military veterans succumb to suicide every day.

When purchasing this U.S.-manufactured shirt, Freedom Fatigues pledges to donate 100% of the proceeds to PTSD awareness programs such as Mission 22, helping you support our heroes at home.

Flag Day

Flag Day is a national holiday celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the national flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, over 240 years ago.

Whether you call it the Star-Spangled Banner, Old Glory, or the Stars & Stripes, the national flag of the United States is our most recognizable and most powerful patriotic symbol. Flag Day is the perfect day to wear traditional U.S. flag-themed apparel.

Patriotic Side View T-shirt

For Men: American Patriot T-Shirt

Let everyone know where you stand with this striking heather black t-shirt, 100% made in the United States from locally-sourced materials. This comfortable tee features an American flag design overlaid with the word “Patriot” in large letters, displayed front and center. We offer this design in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

USA Flag Print T-shirt

For Women: American Flag Patriotic Tank Top

This slimming tank top features a classic Star-Spangled Banner in full color over a heather gray background. The flag is printed with a tattered appearance, a nod to our continuing pursuit of freedom and equality. This tank has a tailored cut that hugs your natural curves; if you prefer a looser fit, just size up.

Fourth of July

Independence Day, more commonly referred to as the 4th of July, celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. On that memorable day, the United States declared itself an independent country, free from British rule.

Every patriot knows and loves the 4th of July, and it is the best occasion to wear patriotic, 1776-themed apparel while heeding the empowering words of Woody Guthrie: This land is your land.

Heather Green T-Shirt

For Men: Don’t Tread on Me Patriotic T-Shirt

This heather green men’s T-shirt features the iconic Gadsden Flag rattlesnake and “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan, flanked by numbers forming the year “1776.” The Gadsden Flag and its snake are renowned symbols of liberty and the American readiness to defend it at all costs, making it the perfect choice for Independence Day.

76 T-shirt

For Women: ‘76 Stars & Stripes Patriotic Baseball Raglan

The shirt’s color pattern is inspired by classic jerseys with a patriotic, bicentennial look. The front and center displays a large “76” number print symbolizing the year 1776, all in red, white, and blue.

This raglan baseball shirt is made using a lightweight polyester-cotton blend with ¾ sleeves, a rounded hemline, and a unisex cut for an ultra-comfortable fit and feel.

Constitution Day

Celebrated on September 17, at the end of summer, Constitution Day (also called Citizenship Day) is a federal holiday celebrating the adoption of the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787.

It is also an occasion to commemorate all who have become American citizens, whether they were naturalized or born in the USA.

For Men: We The People Patriotic T-Shirt

Constitution Day is the ideal day to show you are proud to be one among We the People. This black t-shirt prominently features the We The People handwritten design, as originally found on the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. A pair of crossed gray rifles and the Betsy Ross ring of stars overlay these powerful words.

All the materials used in this shirt’s construction are locally sourced, including 100% American-grown cotton.

Women's American Flag Patch Patriotic Camo Hoodie

For Women: American Flag Patch Patriotic Camo Hoodie

This women’s patriotic hoodie features a subtle woodland camouflage pattern, our FF logo inside the Betsy Ross circle of stars, an oversized Velcro space on the right sleeve, and an American flag patch.

The flag’s star field faces forward like the patches on military uniforms (as mandated by Army Regulation 670-1), giving the impression that the flag is advancing as you do.

Freedom Fatigues, a Patriotic Business for Patriotic Americans

You can feel confident buying your patriotic outfits at Freedom Fatigues. All our apparel is 100% produced by American labor using locally sourced materials.  

Buying and wearing our products means supporting multiple American jobs and organizations supporting veterans, making every one of your purchases truly patriotic.