Everything to Know About Wearing First H.E.L.P. Women’s Shirts

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Freedom Fatigues is an American lifestyle apparel brand, and we’re proud to be unapologetically patriotic. One of the things that makes us love our nation so much and take such pride in being Americans is the dedication, courage, and service of our American first responders and law enforcement personnel.

Our patriotic apparel brand is a Veteran/Law Enforcement Officer-owned business based just outside of Detroit. Part of the patriotism and love we have for our country is a desire to serve and give back to our fellow veterans and first responders. We also strive to give back to non-profit organizations that do the same.

The History of First H.E.L.P.

First H.E.L.P. is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of and combating hero suicide among first responders and law enforcement officers. Freedom Fatigues is proud to be partnering with First H.E.L.P. to support their efforts. That’s why proceeds raised through purchasing a First H.E.L.P. shirt go directly to aid this noble organization.

Karen Solomon, the co-founder of Blue H.E.L.P., said, “Suicide should be pursued as relentlessly as any other cop killer, together, publicly, and with unabating courage.” The Police Week Blue H.E.L.P. Law Enforcement Memorial shirt honors the service and memory of the 156 law enforcement officers who died by suicide in 2021.

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The ultra-soft tri-blend shirt is printed with a vertical Blue Line flag on the back. The blue line is composed of fallen officers’ End of Watch dates. Paired with dress shoes and a black pencil skirt, this patriotic tee makes for a tasteful and casual memorial outfit. Adding a pair of black dress pants and black shoes gives you a put-together style for informal interviews or afternoon coffees for a more relaxed daytime look.

Performing the duties of a first responder can be fraught with danger and challenges. First responders are people who are the first ones to answer a call for help or those who serve in the following areas.
  • Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • 911 Telecommunicators
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs and Paramedics

Mental health among first responders is still at a deplorably low standard. First H.E.L.P. seeks to change that by raising awareness of suicide among first responders and bringing together credible representatives from each first responder discipline.

Those representatives serve as a voice for those who work in each field and the families that stand behind them. Freedom Fatigues is proud to add our voice to the chorus of support for these valiant men, women, and their families who have lost so much.

The #IWillTalkIWillListen campaign calls on all first responders to stop the stigma of seeking help for mental health issues. Creating a shared commitment to talk about and listen to our peers saves lives through mutual support and understanding.

The Stop The Stigma First H.E.L.P. t-shirt comes in two different versions, both featuring the Stop The Stigma graphic on the front, with a flag on the right sleeve. The Blue H.E.L.P. version is printed on a poly/cotton, lightweight shirt. The First H.E.L.P. versions of these shirts are printed on ultra-soft tri-blend durable fabrics.

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Both versions come in a relaxed, boyfriend-fit cut, perfect to wear as outer layers over a tank top or cami in patriotic bright colors. Adapt this shirt for casual evening attire by pairing it with a black skirt, black dress pants, and casual shoes.

Branches of First H.E.L.P.

First H.E.L.P. originated as an organization to include all first responder disciplines. The company aimed to collect data and honor those who had served their community but were not given the respect they deserved because of the stigma surrounding suicide.

Ultimately, such an undertaking was too large for the founders. In addition to creating and pouring continual effort into the project, they were all working full-time jobs. The founders of First H.E.L.P. finally decided to focus their initial efforts on law enforcement.

Since its founding, first responders from every discipline have contacted First H.E.L.P. to ask them to highlight and support their fields. First H.E.L.P. has expanded to include:

  • Blue H.E.L.P.- Honoring the Service of Law Enforcement Officers Who Died by Suicide.
  • Red H.E.L.P.- Honoring the Service of Firefighters Who Died by Suicide.
  • White H.E.L.P.- Honoring the Service of EMTs and Paramedics Who Died by Suicide.
  • Gold H.E.L.P.- Honoring the Service of 911 Telecommunicators Who Died by Suicide.

Making agencies, families, and peers in the first responder disciplines aware of mental health issues and building support systems for those issues goes a long way toward mental health survival for first responders. However, an active stance toward your mental health is required for survival.

In the absence of support, sometimes first responders just need to say “So what?” and support ourselves. The #SoWhat campaign is an extension of the saying, “It’s ok not to be ok.” It represents the resilience of first responders who often must fight their way through hard times when existing mental health support systems fail.

The #SoWhat campaign encourages self-awareness and the courage to say, “I need help, so what am I going to do about it?” Freedom Fatigues’ So What? First H.E.L.P. unisex-fit t-shirt sends the message to all first responders that they are warriors fighting for their survival, #SoWhat if you need help, there’s a job to do.

Matched with a pair of running shoes and yoga pants, this t-shirt will have you stylishly comfortable while you run errands or relax around the house. Or pair it with your favorite mini-skirt for a sizzling, night-out fashion.

Styling Your First H.E.L.P. Shirts

Being prepared is part of taking action in the fight for better mental health for our first responders. Equipping yourself with the tactical ability to master a situation is important, as is adaptability to your surroundings and environment. The physical adeptness to complete the work is crucial to being a first responder, but perhaps most importantly, the mental health to stay alive.

Remind yourself and others what it takes to stay alive in this type of job with the Equip Yourself ring-spun cotton t-shirt. Featuring an American flag graphic with the Thin Blue Line, this casual shirt pairs smartly with cargo pants for a casual dress style.

The neutral, conservative colors of the First H.E.L.P. shirts allow them to easily adapt to different workplace fashions and dress codes. For a casual dress code, a khaki skirt or pair of cargo pants and casual shoes will create a comfortable yet put-together fashion statement.

For cooler weather, add wicking layers underneath your t-shirt so you can manage your comfort in changing temperatures. Add a pair of closed-toed shoes or hiking boots, your favorite pair of jeans, and a soft, patriotic hoodie as an outer layer, and you’re ready for adventure.

Ultimately, first responders know that a key to improving mental health conditions in their community is to stand by their peers through thick and thin. The brave men and women who serve as law enforcement officers form a Thin Blue Line, one million strong, that stands between the chaos of lawlessness and our nation.


Let these brothers and sisters know you stand with them by wearing our Freedom Fatigues You Are Not Alone tri-blend, boyfriend-fit shirt. Perfect for casual workplace professional attire, this tee can be dressed up to go out on the town by switching your cargo pants for a skirt or a pair of shorts.

Freedom Fatigues Supports First Responders

Freedom Fatigues is dedicated to producing top-quality, patriotic apparel exclusively made in the United States. We’re a family-run establishment striving to promote our nation’s values and honor our law enforcement community and all first responders.

Our mission is to bring awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide. We only partner with other American-owned and operated businesses and non-profit organizations that do the same.