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As American citizens, the first and greatest freedom is freedom of speech and expression, enshrined in our Constitution under the First Amendment. The symbols and messages featured on patriotic clothing are a form of expression protected by the Constitution.

Wearing a patriotic American flag shirt isn’t just about conveying love and pride for the American nation. It is also a way to exercise your Constitutionally-protected rights. Browse Freedom Fatigues’ selection of patriotic graphic tees and find your favorite way to express your American pride and patriotic spirit.

Patriotic Side View T-shirt

Men’s American Patriot T-Shirt

The best way to communicate something is to say it. As an American patriot, this shirt isn’t just comfortable and stylish; it carries an unambiguous statement letting everyone know where your allegiances stand.

This men’s black t-shirt is constructed using super soft tri-blend fabric, combining polyester, cotton, and rayon for 24/7 comfort and durability.

The heather black fabric features a large front print, appearing to tear away to display the red, white, and blue of our national flag, Old Glory. The flag is overlaid with large letters spelling out the word “Patriot.” It is a simple, effective, bold statement, and the flag’s colors contrast nicely with the dark background.

The right sleeve features a monochrome all-white American flag print with the union of stars facing toward the front. Although it appears as though the flag is reversed, this is intentional, as it gives the impression the flag is flying forward alongside the wearer.
Military personnel and veterans may recognize this practice, as it is codified on military uniforms with USA flag patches, as per Army Regulation 670-1.


Women’s “Those Who Deny Freedom” T-Shirt

In 1859, Abraham Lincoln sent a letter to Henry L. Pierce declining an invitation to attend an event celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s birthday in Boston. One passage of this letter became one of the most widely-known Lincoln quotes and an emblem of American freedom: “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.”

The first half of this passage is featured as a print on the back of this shirt, featured in large handwritten letters. Under it is a stylized snake coiled around a rifle, surrounded by the Betsy Ross ring of stars. The snake, rifle, and stars are repeated at the front of the shirt and on the left breast.

The quote, snake, and Freedom Fatigues U.S. flag on the right sleeve are printed in white over a heather-black background. We offer this shirt in two variants: a fitted women’s cut made of poly-cotton and a boyfriend cut with a looser fit fabricated from our poly/cotton/rayon tri-blend.

2A Betsy Ross Flag

Men’s 2A Betsy Ross Flag Shirt

The Betsy Ross flag is one of the most popular variants of the American flag, featuring a ring of 13 stars in the union instead of the modern-day 50. This version of the flag is a symbol of American history, conformant to the specifications outlined in the Flag Act of 1777.

The most well-known modern official application of the Betsy Ross flag is found in the official seal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which features a bald eagle carrying the Betsy Ross flag on the left and the modern flag on the right.

Freedom Fatigues’ men’s 2A Betsy Ross Flag Shirt features a worn-out appearance over a heather navy blue background with “2A” featured inside the ring of stars, symbolizing the Second Amendment.

The flag and 2A symbol come together to represent the historical significance of the right to keep and bear arms and serves as a reminder that America couldn’t have won the Revolutionary War without the armed citizenry as a militia.

This shirt features a tighter, athletic fit, ideal for use at the range, the gym, or any other outdoor activity.

In God We Trust

Women’s “In God We Trust, On Guns We Rely” T-Shirt

The official motto of the United States, as established by law (36 USC 302) and signed by President Eisenhower in 1956, is “In God we Trust.”

This women’s loose-fit shirt pays homage to the national motto and the Second Amendment with a large, stylized black and white print. It features “In God we Trust” on a classical banner.

The banner flows over an Eagle and Shield like the one featured on the Great Seal, holding two rifles in its talons instead of arrows and an olive branch. Under the Eagle and Shield are the words “On Guns We Rely,” completing the national motto with an extra, all-American patriotic touch.

As with other Freedom Fatigues apparel, this shirt is 100% American-made, down to the materials used. The cotton in this shirt’s tri-blend fabric is also 100% American-grown, making it a genuinely patriotic purchase.

We Be People T-shirt

Men’s We The People Patriotic T-Shirt

As an American citizen, you are part of the “People” in “We the People,” the first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution begins with these words to leave no doubt regarding the origins of the American government’s powers: Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

This men’s patriotic shirt features a print of the words “We the People” in white, replicating the original handwriting found in the original document. The famous words are laid over a pair of crossed rifles and the Betsy Ross ring of stars, forming a unique and stylish patriotic symbol representing American freedoms, spirit, and independence.

Our design is screen printed on tri-blend fabric in heather black, providing the lettering, rifles, and stars with the ideal contrasting background. As with most other apparel, this We The People shirt was built with long-lasting durability. It features shoulder-to-shoulder reinforcing taping, increasing your patriotic shirt’s durability and ensuring it lasts a lifespan.

Woman American

Women’s American Grit Patriotic T-Shirt

Equal parts patriotic and feminist symbols, Rosie the Riveter is a classic American cultural icon prominently featured on morale-boosting posters during World War II. She was most famously portrayed on the 1942 “We Can Do It!” poster, also known as the Westinghouse poster, after the company that commissioned it.

This poster was credited for inspiring millions of American women to support the war effort, taking up over six million wartime jobs in factories nationwide.

This shirt references the wartime “We Can Do It” poster, featuring a monochrome print of Rosie the Riveter wearing a flannel shirt over the words “American Grit,” overlaid on a torn, circular Old Glory. It celebrates the strength and fighting spirit of every patriotic American woman.

The print is in chocolate brown over a heather oatmeal background, giving the shirt a classic American vintage look. We offer this shirt in five sizes, ranging from S and XL.

Merica Patriotic T-shirt

Men’s ‘Merica Patriotic T-Shirt

The typical patriotic American citizen is proud, resilient, and hard-working. After a long day at work, many patriots enjoy taking a moment to kick back, relax, and crack open a cold one.

If this moment is your favorite time of the day, our heather gray ‘Merica men’s shirt was made for you. It features a large red-and-white print inspired by vintage beer and ale labels. On the label is the word “Merica,” reminiscent of the way a proud Southerner would pronounce “America.”

The right sleeve features a monochrome red variation of our Freedom Fatigues flying-forward U.S. flag, completing the design and giving it a worn-in look and feel. The shirt’s construction features a custom-made neck tag, engineered to be 100% itch-free and enhance the shirt’s long-term comfort.

Light Green T-shirt

Women’s Don’t Tread on Me T-Shirt

The iconic yellow Gadsden flag was designed in 1775 by Christopher Gadsden, a South Carolinian soldier and politician. This flag was used by the precursors of the modern-day U.S. Marine Corps, the Continental Marines, during the early stages of the Revolutionary War until the unit’s dissolution in 1873.

During the war, the flag’s iconic rattlesnake and famous “Don’t Tread on Me” motto were symbols of the Continental Marines’ refusal to back down from British aggression. Today, they have become quintessential American symbols, representing liberty, individualism, and the readiness to defend America and American ideals.

Our women’s Don’t Tread on Me shirt is made of eye-catching heather green fabric and employs an enlarged version of the Gadsden Flag rattlesnake. The snake is surrounded by nine golden stars, stands over the words “Don’t Tread on Me,” and is flanked by the numbers “17” and “76,” referencing the year America declared its independence from British rule.

This women’s shirt was manufactured from our extra-light, extra-soft poly-cotton blend, using 100% American materials and labor. It features a looser boyfriend cut for a more relaxed fit and feel. We recommend sizing down if you prefer a tighter and more form-fitting cut.

Men's Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-shirt

Men’s Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Throughout American history, numerous symbols representing America, the American spirit, and other patriotic aspects and concepts were created, often in times of war or duress. However, none are as ubiquitous or widely recognized as our national flag.

The flag of the United States of America has many nicknames: the Star-Spangled Banner, Red, White, and Blue, the Stars and Stripes, or Old Glory. It is recognized worldwide as a symbol of liberty and even inspired the designs of other national and regional flags, such as the flags of Puerto Rico, Liberia, and Brittany.

There are no patriotic shirts with a design more classic than our own Vintage American. It features a worn-out version of our modern 50-star flag over a heather gray background, making a simple, practical patriotic shirt that communicates no more than it needs to.

Women's Red, White & Pew Patriotic T-Shirt

Women’s Red White & Pew T-Shirt

The right to keep and bear arms, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution under the Second Amendment, is an integral element of American freedom.

Founding Father George Mason described the militia mentioned in the Second Amendment in this well-known quote: “I ask, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people.” Today’s gun-owning Americans are the People and, therefore, the militia necessary to the security of a free State.

If you are among the tens of millions of gun-owning, freedom-loving American patriots, our Red, White, and Pew patriotic shirt is the best way to display your love for guns and American pride.

This army green shirt features a stylized version of our national flag with the union stars replaced by bullet holes and the red stripes turning into the outlines of various firearms, making it the ideal design for patriotic and gun-loving women.

It features the same boyfriend cut as our Don’t Tread on Me shirt, providing you with a looser fit and a more casual look and feel than our athletic-cut apparel.

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