How to Find the Best Fitting First H.E.L.P. Men’s Shirt

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As a veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer-owned American company, Freedom Fatigues has a special place in our hearts for the First Responder Community. Our family-operated business was created to give back to and support first responders and uphold American values.

One of the avenues we use to support the community is First H.E.L.P. This non-profit organization’s goal is to reduce the stigma of mental health care among first responders and support the families of those heroes lost to suicide.

Freedom Fatigues donates a portion of every purchase directly to non-profits like the First H.E.L.P. organization, especially those from our First H.E.L.P men’s casual shirts. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide issues among the veteran and LEO communities and reduce the number of these tragedies and the suffering of those left behind.

What First H.E.L.P. is About

First H.E.L.P. is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the stigma attached to first responders seeking help for mental health issues.

First responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMTs, and firefighters, spend long hours away from friends and family in life-threatening working conditions with continuous exposure to traumatic events. This can affect their mental health.

A staggering 85% of first responders experience symptoms related to problems with mental health, and police officers and firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty.

Men's Equip

The Equip Yourself First H.E.L.P. men’s t-shirt shows how necessary preparedness is for mental health. With the Blue H.E.L.P. emblem, a stirring Thin Blue Line graphic, and words to live by emblazoned on the front, this heather black, tri-blend shirt raises awareness of the issues first responders face.

With intense mental and physical demands on first responders, self-care is essential to stay in the best shape possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Healthy habits like getting enough sleep and taking time to unwind with family and friends are crucial for staying in top condition.

A healthy diet and exercise routine are also required to keep yourself in a state of preparedness. Most importantly, seeking the help you need, whether mental health or any other type of aid, from family, peers, and professionals can save your life.

First H.E.L.P. works hard to reduce the stigma attached to mental health in the first responder communities and advocates for benefits for first responders. They also reach out to the families of those first responders who are lost to suicide to support them and push for new standards in training and education in the workplaces of all first responders.

The different branches of First H.E.L.P are:

  • Blue H.E.L.P.  - Honoring Law Enforcement Agents and their service
  • Red H.E.L.P. - For Firefighters who die by suicide and their families
  • White H.E.L.P. - Honoring the service of EMTs and Paramedics
  • Gold H.E.L.P. - For 911 Telecommunicators and their families

Freedom Fatigues shares the passion and commitment of the founders of First H.E.L.P. and Blue H.E.L.P. We proudly partner with these organizations by offering men’s and women’s First H.E.L.P and Blue H.E.L.P t-shirts so you can wear a shirt that supports first responders while you look your patriotic best.

The Police Week Blue H.E.L.P. Law Enforcement Memorial shirt features our soft, tri-blend fabric for a breathable, comfortable t-shirt with a rugged, hearty, American construction. A double needle stitch on the sleeves and hem provides extra give and stretch where it counts and high-quality, shoulder-to-shoulder taping for a clean, covered seam.

The Police Week Memorial shirt carries a powerful and weighty message with the blue line vertical American flag graphic on the back. Look closely, and you’ll find the blue line is comprised entirely of the EOW dates of the 156 law enforcement officers who died from suicide in 2021.

First H.E.L.P. T-Shirts

Finding the right fit for one of our First H.E.L.P men’s t-shirts is much easier than finding a fitted dress shirt; you won’t need to puzzle out shirt cuffs or a sleeve length. At Freedom Fatigues, we’ll help you deck out your wardrobe with patriotic First H.E.L.P. men’s shirts in classic fits that look fantastic and get your supportive message across.


The perfect fit begins with the basics: fabric. Every product available from Freedom Fatigues is 100% American-made with American-sourced fabrics. We partner exclusively with other U.S. businesses to ensure our materials are as patriotic as we are.

Our Freedom Fatigues The Stigma Stops Here First H.E.L.P. t-shirt is part of a First H.E.L.P. campaign that encourages men and women in first responder roles to talk about their mental health and listen to their peers who do the same. Its goal is to end the stigma attached to seeking mental health help.

This t-shirt is available with either a First H.E.L.P. or Blue H.E.L.P. graphic. The First H.E.L.P. shirt is screen-printed on ultra-soft tri-blend fabric for a long-lasting shirt that allows for optimal airflow without being heavy or clingy.


The Blue H.E.L.P. version features the Blue H.E.L.P emblem instead of its parent organization on the front left chest and center back graphic screen printed on a soft, polyester and cotton blended fabric. The poly-cotton tee is resistant to wear and tears, lightweight, and comfortably soft.

Most of our First H.E.L.P. men’s shirts are screen printed on an ultra-soft tri-blend fabric. This durable, poly/cotton/rayon fabric is a semi-synthetic material with enough stretch for a perfectly fitted and comfortable shirt that still moves and breathes well.

The So What First H.E.L.P. men’s t-shirt features a First H.E.L.P emblem, a stirring graphic, and an inspiring quote on the back by Marcus Aurelius. Its message challenges those in the first responder community to seek help if they need it.

First Help T-shirt

Give support to your peers in the ultimate comfort of the So What First H.E.L.P. t-shirt’s combed and ring-spun cotton. The ring-spinning process makes the material incredibly durable, and the combing refines it by removing impurities from the cotton, making it an ultra-soft fabric.

Our poly/cotton blend fabrics are durable and long-lasting, so you can wear your First H.E.L.P. t-shirt as often as you want. Polyester/cotton blend fabric is tear-resistant and breathable.

Size Chart

Freedom Fatigues offers men’s shirt sizes from small to 3XL. Our shirts are generally more tailored with an athletic cut to provide a slim-fit t-shirt without the excess fabric. If you prefer a looser, more relaxed fit, we recommend ordering a size or two larger.

To find your perfect-sized First H.E.L.P. t-shirt, you’ll need a measuring tape to find the shirt length and width. Find the width by measuring across the widest part of your chest, from just under one arm to underneath the other. Our smallest size is 18” for all our fabrics, and the largest shirts will fit a 33” chest in a 3XL tri-blend.
To find the length, wear a shirt that you like the length of and measure from the hem of the shirt to the shoulder seam where your neck meets your arm above your shoulder bone. The lengths of our First H.E.L.P. shirts range from 27.5” for our small cotton/poly blend shirts to 33” for the 3XL tri-blends.


The patriotic messages our First H.E.L.P. shirts spread are the true stars of our patriotic apparel collection. From beating down the stigma attached to seeking help to commemorative t-shirts that honor those who have lost their battle with mental health issues, these men’s shirts raise awareness of the problems facing our First Responder Community.

Although the first responder community values strength, bravery, and old-fashioned American grit, these qualities are idealized among law enforcement officers. This can perpetuate a “Just push through it” mentality regarding mental health issues that lends strength to the stigma" attached to asking for help.  

The You Are Not Alone Blue H.E.L.P. men’s t-shirt from Freedom Fatigues speaks to those first responders in the law enforcement fields and lets them know that even through the darkest times–you are not alone. With nearly one million brothers and sisters in the LEO Community strong, there’s someone you can talk to, somebody to lean on, even when you think there might not be.

Gray T-shirt

The Thin Blue Line graphic of this t-shirt is screen-printed on our super-soft tri-blend fabric for a robust and durable t-shirt you can wear to support your brothers and sisters proudly. This shirt is 100% American-made, right down to the American grown cotton .

Join Freedom Fatigues to HELP First Responders

Freedom Fatigues is a company created by founder Chris to give back to and stay connected with the veteran and first responder communities. After serving in the Air National Guard for nine years, then as a police officer until 2016, these groups mean a lot to Chris and his family.

A tragic collision ended his career in law enforcement, requiring multiple surgeries and long, extended recovery times. Rather than succumbing to the depression and self-pity accompanying the hardships of an active and healthy person forced into inaction and immobility, Chris decided to create something different.
To move forward, Chris created Freedom Fatigues to embody the American values he and his family hold so dear and continue to serve in a new way. The patriotic messages our apparel and accessories spread personify our patriotic spirit, and we hope they resonate strongly with you, too.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to raising awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide and our determination to produce only the finest, top-quality All-American, patriotic apparel and accessories. We’re also devoted to our customers and promise exceptional customer service, shipping within two business days, and a 30-day window for exchanges and returns.