Show Off Your Pride and Love for the U.S. Flag with Decals

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American-themed decals and stickers are a personalized way to show off your patriotic pride. Displaying a flag sticker or decal can help you show your individuality and unique personality while sharing a patriotic sentiment and promoting unity.

Showing off your pride with a decal or sticker also shows your loyalty and respect for America and the values its people hold dear. A flag decal is also a great way to support a group or organization and demonstrate solidarity with its members.

The American flag is a powerful icon capable of spreading hope and goodwill and inspiring people to tremendous feats of heroism. When you display a Freedom Fatigues patriotic sticker, you also help to make our country stronger.

American Principles

Our government was founded on two central ideas: equality and liberty. Americans base their system of government on the concept that human beings possess rights independent of any societal or governing body.

Stemming from that idea, the best chance for a person to maintain those rights is to have the liberty to pursue their personal development. That’s why displaying a flag decal can be a powerful symbol of patriotism and the American dedication to our fundamental human rights.

Our nation’s first flag, with 13 stars circled on a field of blue, is still a symbol of hope and the American commitment to freedom and independence. It is an emblem of the sacrifice the American people are willing to make to ensure the fundamental rights of all its citizens.

Live Free Sticker

The Freedom Fatigues Live Free sticker proudly displays a vintage-colored Betsy Ross flag, tattered but waving proudly. This decal is printed on American-made, high-quality, long-lasting vinyl and also features the famous Thomas Jefferson quote, “Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

American People

Showing your loyalty and honoring those who serve our country is also a reason to feature a patriotic sticker in a prominent position. A respectful way to show appreciation to veterans and first responders is by having an American flag decal showing where it can easily be seen.

Freedom Fatigues is a Veteran/LEO-owned company committed to raising awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide. We proudly partner with non-profit organizations like First H.E.L.P., which work to support the families of the first responders who die by suicide and promote better mental health, working conditions, and mental health educational resources for first responders.

The first responders serving as law enforcement officers are often called the Thin Blue Line. While the brave officers who serve in law enforcement number nearly one million strong, those brothers and sisters are still merely a Thin Blue Line to hold back lawlessness and chaos.

Black Blue Sticker

Show your support and gratitude for the first responders who keep us safe in our homes and make sacrifices to protect our communities. The Freedom Fatigues Back The Blue decal measures 4.25" wide by 3" high.

The crisp, striking, black-and-white flag enhances the pop of color from the blue and offsets the “Back The Blue” printed message. Printed on locally sourced American vinyl, the Back The Blue sticker shows your loyalty and thanks to our law enforcement community.

American Pride

Displaying a patriotic decal shows people that you take pride in American values. A strong sense of individuality and commitment to the ideals and values we hold closest, along with a willingness to openly share and communicate our patriotic beliefs, let others see us as a strong role model and moral compass. We can help others become patriots by showing our American pride openly and sharing our love for our country with others.

Joining the community at Pew Pew Nation can help you find like-minded individuals who share your principles. Freedom Fatigues is proud to offer the Stars And Stripes 2A Butterfly decal, designed by Pew Pew Nation, so you can show you belong to this incredible community.


With beautiful red, white, and blue wings, this delicate butterfly packs a patriotic punch with its bullet body. Our Stars And Stripes 2A Butterfly decal will show everyone that you stand up for our Second Amendment rights by showing that Americans can be bold, beautiful, and patriotic.  

American Flag Stickers and Decals at Freedom Fatigues

When you order items from Freedom Fatigues, we guarantee every product will be 100% American-made and of the highest quality possible. We partner exclusively with other veteran and American-owned businesses to ensure our patriotic apparel and American-themed accessories are made from the best materials and meet our high manufacturing standards.

Freedom Fatigues also promises to provide exceptional customer service; our family personally answers every email and our team ships every item to ensure our customers get high-quality merchandise with patriotic messages.