Show You Patriotism By Wearing Patriotic Apparel

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Wearing patriotic clothing is one of the best ways to show how much you love your country. You can wear these clothes and hats daily to remind yourself and others that you are proud to be an American and defend your freedom and rights. Make patriotism part of your identity and let everyone who sees you know that you support American values.

Discover some of the most popular pieces of American-made Freedom Fatigues patriotic apparel for men and women you can wear to show just how devoted you are to this great land of ours.

Patriotic Hats

A patriotic hat can be a great way to show your love for America. These hats are not only practical and comfortable, but they are also meaningful. Freedom Fatigues has carefully chosen different symbols and designs to express a deep admiration for our nation and those who have stood to defend it in times of strife. Choose one of these hats to wear around your community proudly.

Flag Patch Trucker Hat

Betsy Ross Flag Patch Trucker Hat

This retro-style brown trucker hat is made from twill fabric and features the Betsy Ross flag. Often considered our nation’s first flag, this version of Old Glory has long been revered by patriots as a symbol of our struggle for independence and our commitment to the rights we espoused at our nation’s founding.

The visor comes pre-curved for a relaxed look, and the hat size is adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Don't Tread On Me Ball Cap

Don’t Tread On Me Patriotic Hat

This ball cap features the coiled rattlesnake from the famous Gadsden flag raised by legendary patriot Colonel Gadsden during the Revolutionary War. This emblem has served as a warning and a threat to those who dare infringe on American freedom and is a rallying symbol for all who stand ready to defend our freedoms.

The cap has a comfortable curved visor and a medium profile for optimal comfort. It is adjustable with a Velcro strap to ensure the perfect fit, and it does not have a top button that could interfere with ear protection when shooting at the range or out hunting.

Patriotic Sweatshirts

You can still show your patriotism with patriot apparel when the mercury dips by wearing a patriotic sweatshirt. Warmer and more stylish in winter, these sweatshirts are available with crewnecks or hoods and have different patriotic symbols and slogans to help you express your feelings.

American Flag Patch Hoodie

Women’s American Flag Patch Hoodie

This heather army green ultra-soft tri-blend hoodie has a removable patch that allows you to express your patriotism in different ways every time you wear it. The hoodie comes with an oversized full-color American flag patch, but you can replace it with another patch that shows your respect for veterans, support for law enforcement, or belief in the 2nd Amendment.

Burnout Crewneck

Women’s America 1776 Vintage Crewneck

Simple and chic, this patriotic sweatshirt is ideal for layering in cold weather. The sweatshirt is heather gray with a worn-in look. It has “America” printed in block letters with “1776” underneath in a black box with two stars on the side.

The sleeve features a reversed American flag to honor those who served, and the sweatshirt is American made out of cotton/polyester burnout fleece material.

Women's Buffalo Plaid Flag Hoodie

Women’s Buffalo Plaid American Flag Hoodie

If you are looking for a cozy, comfortable way to show your love of America, this buffalo plaid hoodie is a perfect choice this winter. The front of the heather gray hoodie features an American flag made of red and black buffalo plaid. This is our softest, most comfortable hoodie, perfect for relaxing around the house or cozying up around a campfire.

Freedom Fatigues is More than Just Patriotic Apparel

Freedom Fatigues was founded by an armed forces and law enforcement veteran with a purpose: to provide Americans with quality patriotic gear to show our love for America. Founder Chris believes in America and knows that family-run, patriotic businesses are what make this country great. That’s why every piece of Freedom Fatigues apparel is American made.

All our apparel is screen printed in our facility just outside of Detroit by American workers.

Freedom Fatigues stands for more than just quality and American-made goods. Everyone on the Freedom Fatigues team knows that our freedoms here in the United States only exist because of the men and women who have answered the call to serve our country in our armed forces.

Freedom Fatigues is committed to honoring and respecting these brave Americans and is dedicated to making sure they get the heroes’ welcome they deserve when they return home from their tours of duty.

That’s why Freedom Fatigues donates a portion of the proceeds of every sale to veteran and first responder mental health charities like Mission 22 and Blue H.E.L.P. These organizations work to ensure every armed forces or law enforcement veteran gets the help they need. Buy patriotic apparel from Freedom Fatigues and honor the sacrifice our veterans have made.