Summer Party Planning: Tips for a Patriotic Celebration

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There’s no better time for celebrating America than summer. Between Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get patriotic while enjoying the company of friends and family.

Whether hosting a backyard BBQ or an exclusive summer gala, Freedom Fatigues wants you to look your patriotic best. Explore our summer party tips and stock up on apparel that shows off your American spirit.

Planning Your Summer Party: The Guest List

Before you stock up on streamers and s’mores, you need to decide who’s coming to your patriotic celebration. Those planning Fourth of July celebrations will want to invite guests early since many people book that long weekend well in advance.

Celebrate the American Melting Pot

America is a melting pot, home to an incredibly diverse mixture of races, classes, professions, and backgrounds. The 4th of July, a celebration of freedom that honors the past and looks toward a brighter future, is a great time to capitalize on America’s diversity. Create a melting pot in your backyard by inviting people from all walks of life to partake in patriotic fun.

Expand Your Circle

Summer celebrations provide a fun and casual environment ideal for making new acquaintances and expanding your social circle. When planning your fourth of July party, try not to restrict your invite list to the same friends you hang out with every day. Perhaps instead of asking your friends to bring a food dish to your party, ask them to bring a friend.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Holidays offer us a unique chance to reconnect with family and friends with whom we have fallen out of touch, and summer parties are no different. A casual summer party is a low-pressure environment ripe for small talk; you don’t have to worry about awkward silences or talk about why you drifted apart. There are few relationships that can’t be recovered and strengthened over ice cream and fireworks.

Don’t Forget the Kids

If you have kids or are inviting guests with kids, make sure you plan activities that will keep them occupied. Get them to burn off all their excess summer energy with physically engaging activities like a slip n’ slide, obstacle course, or relay race. Make sure to keep them and all your guests hydrated by having water available, not just soda or juice. And of course, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Guest Quota

Take your environment into consideration when making your guest list. Lively celebrations are fun, but an overcrowded party can be draining, unpleasant, and expensive. Make sure there’s plenty of room for your guests to mingle and sit down, as well as areas where kids can be supervised but seated by themselves.

Planning Your Summer Party: Patriotic Themes

Keep your celebration patriotic by incorporating decorations, music, and activities that align with your American theme.


Getting your guests into a patriotic mood to celebrate can be much easier if you put some thought and creativity into your party decorations. You can’t go wrong with the classics--American flags, stars and stripes cookies, and red, white, and blue streamers--but feel free to add your own twist.

Try spray painting a banner or using star-spangled tablecloths and napkins to jumpstart that patriotic energy. If you’re feeling creative, grab some mason jars and create unique centerpieces or patriotic party favors like decals for your guests. Whatever you decide, focus on the details, and your guests will appreciate your effort.


The music you play sets the mood and atmosphere of your party, so choose your soundtrack carefully. You or a musically-inclined friend may wish to make a playlist containing songs you like before the party, so you can just set it on shuffle and enjoy your party without playing DJ.

For inspiration, ask your guests what they want to hear. If it’s within your budget, you may choose to hire a DJ who understands the party vibe you are trying to create.

Feed the Patriotism

No matter where patriotic festivities are held, you’ll need to provide some good old American food and drinks. From cream cheese-stuffed peppers to burgers on the grill, a patriotic celebration is always better with the all-American culinary delights. Include your favorite family recipes and invite your guests to bring along dishes they love as well.

If your food plan requires a lot of cooking, enlist your friends for help. There’s no reason to spend hours alone in the kitchen when your friends are probably eager to thank you for hosting the party by helping with prep.

Patriotic Spirits

Adult patriotic parties often include alcohol, so drink responsibly and don’t let your guests leave under the influence if they’re driving. You can choose to hire a bartender, but your guests may be just as happy with their favorite beer.

Make your celebration unique by offering a signature cocktail. Having one signature cocktail is much cheaper than stocking a full bar and will get the conversation going by giving your guests something to talk about.

The Element of Surprise

Throw in an unexpected element for your next festive gathering by planning an offbeat activity. For example, you could host a whipped cream art contest, a hot dog eating contest, or create a jeopardy board with patriotic-themed categories.

Keep it surprising but don’t forget your tried and true: fireworks and sparklers. If watching fireworks is on the agenda, tell your guests when and where so they can plan accordingly.

Planning Your Summer Party: Patriotic Attire

It’s your party, so what you wear sets an unspoken standard for appropriate party attire. Your guests will look to you as the attire guide, so why not wear clothes that spread the word about your patriotic priorities.

The 4th of July celebrates our independence, so your attire should make you feel as free as America did in 1776. For your party, choose clothes that match the patriotic occasion while keeping you comfortable and cool like the Men’s We The People Patriotic T-Shirt.

This patriotic tee features one of our country’s most inclusive phrases screen-printed on a soft, lightweight, tri-blend, athletic-cut t-shirt. 100% American made with U.S.-grown cotton, We The People T-shirts are truly “Of the people, by the people, and for the people!”

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Celebrate Patriotically with Freedom Fatigues

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