Top 3 Reasons Why Patriotic Clothing is Taking Over the Fashion Industry

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The last few years have been tumultuous in the United States. Things have changed in many ways, from how we communicate to how we live and the fashion we wear. However, one thing that has never changed is our love for our great nation, and through thick and thin, good times and bad, Americans have rallied around the flag to move forward as a people.

The fashion world is constantly changing, but over the past few decades, there has been a steady uptick in American-made patriotic clothing. More Americans are choosing to express their feelings about our nation and its values through the clothes and accessories they wear.

Patriotic clothing is always in style, and wearing high-quality American-made patriotic apparel will set you apart from those who play at patriotism with foreign-made clothing.

Explore the top three reasons patriotic clothing is becoming increasingly popular. Browse Freedom Fatigues’ American-made, patriotic apparel for men and women to find American-centric clothing for your wardrobe.

Supply Chain Problems

The initial days and months of the pandemic were a time of chaos. Supermarket shelves were empty, and many essential consumer goods were difficult to find. These issues were caused by lockdowns in factories abroad, tight quarantine procedures at international borders worldwide, and shortages in everything from truck drivers to shipping containers.

Supply chain problems were a rough awakening for many Americans who had become accustomed to the easy availability of goods and caused a change in beliefs about how our economy should work. Americans began to see small, local, family-owned businesses that worked hard to provide quality goods and services at reasonable prices as superior to cheap, low-quality, foreign counterparts.

Many patriotic clothing brands proudly source their goods exclusively from domestic suppliers. Freedom Fatigues is proud to use American-produced goods, including American-grown cotton and American-tanned leather made with traditional techniques.

Flag Patch Trucker Hat

Freedom Fatigues’ Betsy Ross Flag Patch Trucker Hat features a traditional Besty Ross style hand-stitched flag patch hand made by a veteran-owned company. Freedom Fatigues partners with a small, family-run business to design, test and build their hats here in America.

These patriotic brands were some of the only clothing companies that resisted the temptation to outsource their production. Americans turned to them for their clothing during the pandemic. The quality and principles of these companies won many converts, and millions of American consumers won’t be returning to non-American-made clothes.

Surging Patriotism

Americans are a proud people. 85% of U.S. citizens consider themselves very patriotic, and 63.9% own an American Flag they proudly display. Despite recent divisive national discourse, patriotism levels have remained mostly steady over the last decade, and a growing number of Americans want to show pride for the country they love.

As our nation has confronted several problems over the last two years since the pandemic, Americans realized that the values and freedoms our nation was founded on were the solution, not the problem. The country has seen a recent uptick in patriotism, and the number of proud Americans is surging.


Proud Americans are not quiet about their country. We love to show off and express our profound feelings about this land, and patriotic apparel is a popular outward expression of our feelings toward our nation. Whether it’s a USA shirt from Freedom Fatigues’ line of comfortable, American-made patriotic shirts or one of Freedom Fatigues’ flag paracord bracelets that show our colors and honor our troops, Americans want to show their national pride outwardly.

Flag clothing has a meaning that speaks to something more profound than the issues of the day and is popular across the entire political spectrum. Our patriotic symbols stand for all Americans, and each and every one of us is proud of our country. This pride is causing patriotic apparel to take over the fashion world.

All-American Cool

The fashion industry is all about what’s cool and what looks great. Style-makers want to take whatever is popular, package it, and sell it to the consumer. The fashion process can be challenging as tastes constantly change, but some styles have remained cool over the decades.

American style has become the definition of cool worldwide, from jeans to t-shirts to Air Force-influenced bomber jackets. People far beyond our shores see clothing with patriotic American symbols as powerful, hip, and trendy. Our nation represents freedom and prosperity, and our symbols support our values.

76 Stars & Stripes American Flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Americans have long enjoyed wearing patriotic clothes like a durable tri-blend heather gray vintage-style flag t-shirt or a comfortable, breathable royal blue mesh American flag patch hat as a stylish way to express patriotism. The look, the meaning, and the way All-American-made patriotic gear has come to represent all that is good in our country have tied it to our notion of what is in style, and the fashion industry has responded by spreading the trend.

Freedom Fatigues Patriotic Apparel

Founded with a mission to bring high-quality American-made patriotic gear to the American consumer Freedom Fatigues is one of America’s leading patriotic apparel brands.

Founder Chris, an Air Force and Law Enforcement veteran, wanted to build a company infused with American values. His goal was to offer consumers something better than what was on the market while supporting the tradition of local American industry that makes our economy grow.

Freedom Fatigues stands for more than just quality and American industry. We are proud to support the heroes whose sacrifice has made our freedom possible. That’s why we donate a portion of each sale to non-profits that work to support, honor, and help those who have put on a uniform to keep us safe.

We partner with organizations like Victory Gym and Blue H.E.L.P., who help Armed Services and Law Enforcement veterans get the mental health care they need and the support of a community who are deeply grateful for their sacrifice.

Freedom Fatigues offers a wide range of patriotic apparel. Every single product we sell is made by Americans for Americans.

We are proud to support other family-owned businesses in our supply chain, and we are particularly proud to partner with fellow veteran-owned businesses whenever possible.

Check out our line of patriotic apparel today.