Top 7 Best Women’s American Patriot T-Shirts of 2022

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Don’t miss out on these seven women’s patriotic t-shirts from Freedom Fatigues to show off your patriotic spirit in 2022. At Freedom Fatigues, we take “Made in America” seriously. We guarantee all our American apparel is 100% American-made, ensuring you get the highest quality build possible.

Womens Vintage American Flag Boyfriend Fit T-shirt

Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Our vintage-style American flag shirt has a tattered Old Glory graphic waving her patriotic red, white, and blue beauty over a heather gray background. The shirt is constructed from soft, comfortable tri-blend fabric (polyester-cotton-rayon) and features a unisex boyfriend cut with a looser fit and roomier sleeves.

Black T-shirt

I Plead The 2nd By Pew Pew Nation

The women’s I Plead the 2nd tri-blend tee was designed by Pew Pew Nation and features a soft, screen printed, full-color graphic in red, white, and blue, evoking the colors of the national flag.

The colored bands are overlaid with an AR-15 rifle, representing the American gun-owning community and our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. It is the ideal shirt to show your love of firearms and support your rights.

Gray Back View

Patriots vs. Politicians

Politicians come and go, but patriots are forever. This unambiguously patriotic shirt features a front print with the words “Patriots vs. Politicians” printed in black. The back print is a classic monochrome American flag overlaid with the Gadsden Flag rattlesnake and our store’s name.

This shirt is for patriotic women who stand up for the flag, no matter which administration is in charge or who the current elected officials are.

Women's Patriotic Shirts

American Patriot

As an American citizen, there are many ways to display your allegiance to your country. Our American Patriot heather black shirt is one of the most direct and unambiguous ways for freedom-loving women to express their patriotism.

This shirt is made from a poly-cotton blend, making it lightweight and highly resistant to wrinkling.


2A Betsy Ross T-Shirt

The 2A Betsy Ross women’s tee blends a tattered print of the Betsy Ross flag with the 2A symbol, giving it an appealing vintage look. The design represents the historical link between the right to keep and bear arms and the American nation’s continued survival, embodying the courage and spirit of the Minutemen.

Silent n More

Silent No More Patriotic V-Neck

As American citizens, the first of the rights enumerated in the Constitution is freedom of speech and expression, which includes speech and text on apparel. This women’s athletic-cut V-neck shirt features a back print message asserting what America means to patriots: unapologetic pride, respect for our law enforcement, and a refusal to back down from all opposition.

76 Logo T-Shirt

‘76 Stars & Stripes Baseball Raglan

Our 3/4-sleeve ‘76 Stars and Stripes raglan shirt was inspired by old school jerseys, combining the look and feel of a collegiate sports shirt with patriotic colors. It displays the number 76 front and center with a blue outline and an Old Glory texture, evoking the year America became an independent nation: 1776.

This shirt features a unisex cut, ¾-length sleeves, and a soft and durable poly-cotton fabric. It is available in six sizes, from XS to 2XL.

Patriotic Shirts for Women at Freedom Fatigues

Freedom Fatigues is proud to carry a complete collection of women’s patriotic and American flag-themed apparel, including t-shirts, raglans, and tank tops. A portion of all proceeds goes to a selection of veteran and first responder charity groups that share our values, ensuring that your patriotic purchase helps support our American heroes.