What Are The Latest Patriotic T-Shirts?

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Being patriotic is always in style, from flying Old Glory proudly in front of your house each morning to singing the national anthem with pride in your voice; being Patriotic looks good.

However, in this unprecedented age of uncertainty, some patriotic messages are more topical than others. Our fast-moving world needs apparel like a patriotic American flag tee that responds to the threats to our nation and our new way of life. Buy shirts that speak to today’s issues and let your stance be known.

Make a stand and show your patriotism with these always-on-trend shirts.

Men’s Heather Green Don’t Tread On Me T-Shirt

Heather Green T-Shirt

Based on the traditional yellow flag featuring a coiled timber rattlesnake first made by legendary Patriot Colonel Christopher Gadsden, “Don’t tread on me” has been a warning and rallying cry ever since. Let everyone know that you will not allow your rights to be stepped upon or stripped from you.

This soft heather green shirt is made in America from American-made fabric. When liberty needs defending, wear this shirt to stand with Colonel Gadsden and all the other American Patriots who have defended our freedom.

Men’s We The People T-Shirt

Men’s We The People T-Shirt

Perhaps the best opening line of any document in human history, our constitution has enshrined our rights, duties, and freedoms for the last 235 years. In an era when those very same freedoms seem to be under assault from all directions, remind one and all that this country is of the people, by the people, and for the American people.

Men’s Vintage Flag T-Shirt

Men's Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-shirt

Always beautiful, always in style. Wear the Stars & Stripes with pride on your chest with this soft gray screen printed 100% American-made tri-blend shirt. The flag on the shirt is tattered and torn in honor of the battlefields like Iwo Jima and Omaha beach where it flew battered but proud and hoisted by our honored heroes.

Men’s George S. Patton T-Shirt

Patriotic T-Shirt

Put on a shirt with one of the most vigorous and dynamic American patriots ever. General George S. Patton, old guts and glory himself, was proudly, loudly American, from the two pearl-handled revolvers always at his hip to the rows of medals on his chest. Honor the man who struck fear into the hearts of our nation’s enemies and walk around with some of his famous swagger.

This 100% American-made shirt features the warrior standing strong and proud with his polished helmet. It features a simple quote that lets everyone know how he viewed war and that his relentless pursuit would assure Allied victory over those who opposed freedom.

Women’s Abe Lincoln T-Shirt

Snake Logo T-shirt

Honor Honest Abe, our nation’s 16th President, by proudly wearing his words out and about. Lincoln kept the ship of state from sinking and defended our nation’s freedom in the most perilous hour in our history.

This lightweight heather black shirt has a snake wrapped around a musket on the front and Lincoln’s words on freedom on the back. The shirt is available in two cuts, a women’s cut made of an ultra-soft cotton polyester blend and a looser, boxier boyfriend cut made of 100% American-sourced polyester, cotton, and rayon tri-blend.

Women’s Country Roads T-Shirt

Women's Country Roads

You don’t need to be from the stunning hills and valleys of West Virginia to have your heartstrings pulled by John Denver’s beautiful homage to country life. If your home is down country roads or our nation’s beautiful countryside is where your heart yearns to be, buy this cute patriotic shirt.

The shirt is 100% American-made, down to the thread used in the stitching. It has an itch-free tag, shoulder-to-shoulder taping, and double-needle hems for longevity and durability. The light blue color will remind you of the endless blue sky on a bright country summer morning, and the screen printed graphic of a road going off into the mountains will show your pride in the beautiful country we call home.

Women’s Country Pride T-Shirt

Women's Country af V-neck

As a nation founded by principled farmers, the country has always been America’s heartland. From hard workers who tend the fertile soil to small towns where hospitality, patriotism, and good neighborliness are the rule, not the exception, Rural America is a place to be cherished and celebrated.

If you are a proud country girl, wear one of these shirts to let everyone know just who you are. The shirt celebrates a particular kind of woman the country produces, sweet as ice tea on a hot summer day to her family and friends but strong as barrel-proof straight whiskey when the trials of life threaten her family, community, or nation.

Show off your country pride with this heather gray v-neck t-shirt.

The Latest American Made Patriotic T-Shirts are Available from Freedom Fatigues.
Freedom Fatigues is a veteran-owned lifestyle brand that unapologetically celebrates everything great about America. We love our country and are proud to make apparel that honors America’s values and defends its freedoms.

Beyond loving America, Freedom Fatigues is a firm believer in giving back and honoring those whose sacrifices have made our nation great. Freedom Fatigues supports military and first responder causes and partners with and donates to non-profits committed to the same.

Freedom Fatigues works with organizations like Mission 22 and Patriot Outdoor Hunting to ensure that veterans get the support they need when they come home from a deployment and that their sacrifice is always honored by all Americans.

Buy a patriotic t-shirt from Freedom Fatigues to show off your Patriotism, honor our veterans, and let everyone know you will defend the sacred freedoms our nation was founded upon.