What is the Point of a Patriotic Paracord Bracelet?

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Whether you wear a patriotic bracelet while enjoying time in the great outdoors or sport your bracelet in a neighborhood cafe, patriotic accessories complement any outfit. You can find parachute cord bracelets with different emblems and numerous patriotic color choices to pair with various ensembles and display your national pride.

Patriotic fashion accessories like a paracord flag bracelet show your American spirit, but an awesome-looking survival paracord bracelet from Freedom Fatigues is more than just an excellent option for upping your patriotic fashion game; it’s a valuable survival tool that could save your life.

What is a Paracord Bracelet?

Paracord bracelets, also called survival bracelets, began as a practical way for first responders and military personnel to carry extra parachute cord. A survival paracord bracelet is a valuable resource for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and any patriot who enjoys a compact, practical, and convenient tool with an attractive style.

Paracord is a unique, lightweight form of cord initially used in parachute suspension lines. It has a braided core for enhanced flexibility and durability to withstand abrasions that fray or break most other ropes.


The American Flag Full Color paracord flag bracelet from Freedom Fatigues is hand-woven by an Army vet/LEO with American-made parachute cord and using a Jacob/basket-style weave. This awesome-looking paracord bracelet features a full color ¾” x 2” metal American flag bar and a ⅝” side-release bracelet buckle and is available in four sizes.

How to Use a Paracord Bracelet

Besides being a patriotic fashion accessory, survival paracord bracelets can be used in various situations. The components of the bracelet, including the bracelet itself, can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to accomplish numerous tasks.

Each of our Freedom Fatigues paracord bracelets is composed of two lengths of American-made paracord of approximately three feet. When you unravel a survival bracelet, you can fashion emergency tools and use the pieces of the bracelet to give yourself an edge in a survival situation.

Plastic Clasp

The clasp on a Freedom Fatigues paracord bracelet can double as a closure for clothing, tent flaps, or to keep a pack closed against curious wildlife.

American-Made Parachute Cord

Unraveling your Freedom Fatigues survival bracelet gives you access to the multi-functional paracord that can be used in many ways. The core strands can be separated from the nylon casing to be used for sewing torn fabric or even stitches in a medical emergency. You can also use the core for fishing line because of its high tensile strength.

Paracord with the core intact can provide food in survival situations by creating traps, snares, and a bow for hunting and is often included in emergency food kits because a length can be used to start a fire or haul game.

Emergency tools fashioned from a paracord bracelet can be used in first aid. They can be unraveled and used to splint a broken bone and fashion a tourniquet.

Paracord is also used for holding tarps and tents in place to create shelter from the elements or as a rescue line for getting yourself or someone else out of a tight situation.

USA Flag Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet features an American flag with the Thin Blue Line on a hand-woven black bracelet to support our fellow LEOs and first responders. This survival bracelet is available in four sizes and comes with a ⅝” side release clasp.

The paracord in a survival bracelet can even be used as a makeshift form of handcuffs or in self-defense. A monkey fist uses intricate knots to create a weapon from paracord for swinging or throwing. A double knot can be used to fashion trip wires to keep a camp safe from intruders.

Patriotic Accessories at Freedom Fatigues

Whether you’re getting a patriotic paracord bracelet gift or looking for a Freedom Fatigues American accessory for yourself, finding the best quality paracord bracelets, American apparel, and accessories is as easy as visiting our website.

Our Veteran/LEO-owned company is proud to partner exclusively with other American-owned non-profits and businesses to produce the best quality, American-made products possible.