Why Do Americans Often Wear Clothing With Our Flag On It?

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Our flag is one of our most cherished and enduring symbols. It has been carried in heroic struggles by the proud men and women of our armed forces, worn as a symbol of duty by law enforcement officers and firefighters. It proudly flies at schools, churches, and homes across our nation.

Wearing patriotic clothes emblazoned with our flag is a time-honored American tradition. Patriotic citizens wear these clothes all year round, not just on major patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July. On any given day, almost anywhere across the country, you are certain to find someone with the stars and stripes on their shirt, hat, or hoodie.

But why do so many Americans wear clothing with our flag on it? It is more than patriotism or pride in our country’s achievements, values, and defining ideals. American flag clothing is a proud tradition that speaks to the heart of every American.

Women's Patriotic Shirt's

An American Tradition

Flag clothing is a long-standing tradition, generally thought to have begun in the North during the Civil War. Before the civil war, the flag was used only for official government purposes or to identify American ships at sea. It wouldn’t have been flown from a private residence or used on clothing.

During the war, citizens in the north wore flag pins or patriotic colors to show their support for the cause. Some even wore pieces of torn battle flags. This proud tradition of support for our armed forces was renewed during the Spanish American War. This war united all corners of the previously divided nation in the cause of patriotism and liberty.

The flag appeared throughout the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Companies used it to market everything from soup to whiskey, and patriot organizations like the Sons of the American Revolution and the Grand Army of the Republic promoted its display along with the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance.

A Symbol for All Americans

The Second World War saw an explosion of patriotism. Our nation united during that conflict, and Americans wore the flag on the home front to show their support for all the soldiers, sailors, and airmen fighting for our freedom overseas.

After the war, the 1950s saw the birth of modern flag clothing styles and traditions. Before then, the flag was usually worn on patriotic holidays or in times of war. In the era of prosperity following the war, young and old Americans began wearing flag clothing all year round.

The tumultuous 1960s saw many social movements, but all movements used flags to symbolize their love for their country. Both pro and anti-war protestors still wore the flag, showing that the red, white and blue represent all Americans, and the flag is a universal symbol that all Americans revere.

Even anti-establishment figures like the famous Hippy Abbie Hoffman wore flag clothing to show that no matter how radical he may be, he was still an American and still loved his country.

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has seen a continuous uptick in patriotic clothing. From the events of September 11th to the Covid pandemic, our country has been beset with challenges, but in all cases, Americans have rallied around the flag and proudly wore its colors to show that America will prevail.

The Best Flag Clothes From Freedom Fatigues

The American Legion profoundly supports patriotic citizens wearing flag clothing, provided the colors are presented respectfully. The clothing cannot be made of parts of an actual flag and should show the colors facing the proper direction, and never with the canton of stars on the lower part of the flag.

The best way to ensure that your flag clothing is respectful is to purchase all your flag clothes from a proudly patriotic company like Freedom Fatigues.

Freedom Fatigues is a veteran and LEO-owned and operated company that is unapologetically and loudly American. We sell 100% American-made clothing. All items are made at our facility outside of Detroit, and all materials are sourced from American suppliers, from the tags to the thread to the fabric.

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Shirts like the vintage American Flag shirt for men and women proudly show off our flag. This ultra-soft poly blend t-shirt features high-quality American construction with double-needle stitching on the hems and shoulder-to-shoulder taping for extra durability. The vintage-style flag is screen printed in a pre-worn design, and the shirt has an American-made itch-free tag.


We also have contemporary styles with more specific messages, like the matte black murdered-out flag t-shirt. This more subtle shirt features a black-on-black design, with the flag in a lighter shade of black than the background. The shirt is made of 100% American-grown cotton mixed with polyester and rayon for a comfortable, durable shirt that can hold up to an active lifestyle.

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Freedom Fatigues also offers a Betsy Ross-style flag shirt that shows your support for Second Amendment rights. This American-made tri-blend shirt is ultra-soft and comfortable, with a custom itch-free tag at the back of the neckline.

The high-quality 2-color screen printed flag features “2A” at the center of the traditional circle of 13 stars. Every purchase of one of these shirts or any other Freedom Fatigues product goes to support American-owned and operated businesses and veterans/LEO mental health support organizations.

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For those who want to let everyone know what kind of patriotic American you are, we offer a shirt with a simple message. The shirt has a screen printed American flag with the word Patriot stamped across the colors. The shirt has a sport cut, and the materials are soft, comfortable, and stretchy.

This shirt simply states an enduring love of the country, no matter who is in charge and what issues face the nation. It is made of the same high-quality 100% American-made and sourced materials as all Freedom Fatigues products are proudly stitched in the USA.

Freedom Fatigues American-Made Clothing

Freedom Fatigues was founded by an Air National Guard and Law Enforcement veteran with a purpose. It is a company dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality American-made clothing that proudly displays patriotism.

Freedom Fatigues is more than just a clothing company. We are dedicated to helping those who have sacrificed to defend our freedom and suffer mental and physical wounds from their time in uniform. Freedom Fatigues partners with organizations like Blue H.E.L.P. and Misson 22 that help combat Veteran and LEO mental health issues and suicide.

Shop at Freedom Fatigues for all your flag clothing. Support American industry and the American worker, show your pride in the country we all love, and take your place in the long line of patriots who displayed their devotion to their country by wearing the stars and stripes