Why You Need an American Patriotic Shirt for All Seasons

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Celebrating a patriotic holiday is a great way to show your American spirit everywhere in the United States. At Freedom Fatigues, we want you to celebrate your patriotism all year long. From tank tops and t-shirts to long-sleeve shirts, we have the apparel you need to show off your love for our nation.

The United States has a long tradition of patriotic holidays for American citizens to show their support and pride for their country. There are also numerous patriotic holidays, like Loyalty Day and Armed Forces Day, you may not be aware of that you can use as opportunities to display your national pride.

Whether you’re looking for patriotic clothing for women or men, a patriotic gift, American flag accessories or want to up your American-style fashion game, Freedom Fatigues is the best place for patriotic American apparel for every season.


Winter is the perfect time for hot chocolate with friends, sitting around roaring, crackling fires, and fun activities in the snow, but it’s also the ideal time to show a little national pride.

December 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

On December 7, 1941, 2,403 lives were lost in the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The next day, the United States declared war and joined the Allied Forces fighting in the second world war. Ceremonial flags are often displayed on this day to commemorate those who lost their lives.


The Remember Everyone Deployed lightweight, poly/cotton blend t-shirt for women is the perfect shirt to commemorate the service, both past and present, of our military as well as honor those still deployed. This ultra-soft, heather red tee comes in a roomier, more relaxed fit and features a stirring “Remember Everyone Deployed” graphic on the back and a RED Friday print on the left chest.

Martin Luther King’s Birthday: January 18

Patriot, Baptist minister and prominent leader in the American civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. extolled the virtues of non-violent social changes to end racial segregation and restore freedom to all Americans, regardless of skin color, as granted by our constitution.

This day commemorates his life and encourages Americans across the United States to reflect on the principles of racial equality and equal application of the rights afforded to us all under the constitution. This holiday is often marked with ceremonial flags and political speeches.

President’s Day: Third Monday in February

A day to celebrate the lives of our United States Presidents, this holiday initially commemorated only the birthday of George Washington. It was later amended to include Lincoln’s birthday and celebrate all U.S. Presidents.

The We The People long sleeve thermal shirt is a great way to stay warm during those chilly February political speeches. This tri-blend heavyweight thermal fabric is printed with the very words of our own United States Constitution to remind us who our government serves.


Spring is a wonderful time to sport your American flag and patriotic apparel from Freedom Fatigues. Not only is this a time of change and inspiration, but it’s also a time for showing your support for our national values.

Loyalty Day: May 1

U.S. Loyalty Day is a day to celebrate our national pride as American citizens. This holiday reaffirms our commitment to the United States, celebrates a shared allegiance, and honors the patriotic spirit and sacrifices made by fellow Americans. A patriotic gift, extra-long lunch, and flying organizational flags are common on this holiday.

Women T-shirt

Demonstrate your loyalty to this great nation and its values with the Love Her or Leave Her women’s patriotic t-shirt. This t-shirt is sure to be a conversation starter with an image of the ultimate symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, flipping the bird to anyone disrespecting this country.

Armed Forces Day: Third Saturday in May

Armed Forces Day was created to honor men and women who are currently serving or who have served in our United States armed forces. Gift baskets and handmade items from the families and children of servicemen and women are sent to our troops overseas to celebrate and honor them.

Patriotic T-Shirt

The Freedom Fatigues General George S. Patton patriotic t-shirt celebrates the achievements of one of America’s greatest battlefield commanders. Featuring a Patton quote screen-printed on the back epotimizing the US military’s fearlessness in battle, and Freedom Fatigues flag logo on the shoulder, this comfortable t-shirt is 100% American made from ultra-soft tri-blend fabric in heather asphalt.

Memorial Day: May 30

Memorial Day honors those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives while serving their country. All around the country, graveside flags are placed upon the final resting places of veterans who so valiantly laid down their lives in service to their fellow countrymen .

“Liberty or Death” is one of the core principles in the American value system. Many of our nation’s veterans have given their lives for freedom. The Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees women’s t-shirt shows that determination and honors the American spirit.


Backyard BBQs, fireworks, and patriotic pool parties make summer an all-American favorite time to show off your American flag apparel and patriotic clothing. Crack open a cold one and celebrate our amazing nation with t-shirts and tanks from Freedom Fatigues.

Flag Day: June 14

Also called National Flag Day, June 14th celebrates the approval of the first national flag back in 1777. During this celebration, Americans are encouraged to fly the American flag, and many patriots wear their American flag clothing.

Men's Petroic T-shirt

Commemorate our first American flag and our Second Amendment rights with the men’s 2A Betsy Ross Flag t-shirt. The ultra-soft, navy tri-blend shirt features a vintage, distressed-style American flag graphic with the FF logo on the sleeve.

Independence Day: July 4

No patriotic summer would be complete without our Independence Day celebrations! Flag paper napkins, fireworks displays, clothing with an Americana graphic, and even your crazy buddy with the flag tattoo are all in abundance for this joyous celebration.


The American flag is a powerful symbol of freedom. Show your pride in our nation’s independence with the Freedom Fatigues’ Murdered Out Flag racerback tank top for women. Our unique black on black design features an American flag graphic and FF brand on the back that can only be seen from the perfect angle.


Elections, political speeches, and finishing up a patriotic year are autumn customs every American citizen is familiar with. Flaunt your patriotic messages in an unapologetic way that only Freedom Fatigues guarantees.

Patriot Day: September 11

This national holiday commemorates the lives our nation lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon as well as those brave rescuers and first responders who gave their lives in the aftermath.

Men's Murdered Out American Flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Give patriotic vibes this election day with Freedom Fatigues’ original design, men’s Murdered Out Flag T-Shirt. It features a black-on-black flag graphic screen printed on a soft, tri-blend heather black shirt. Observe a national moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. EST with our patriotic tee.

Veteran’s Day: November 11

Veteran’s Day recognizes the sacrifices made by all men and women that have served our great country, both past and present. This is a day to pay respect to the veterans still with us and thank them for their service and to honor those that have already passed on with graveside flags and floral tributes full of poppies.

The women’s ‘76 Stars & Stripes three-quarter sleeve raglan-style shirt has a monochromatic retro-style graphic on a tri-blend super soft t-shirt to keep you warm under a patriotic hoodie through chilly memorial services.

Patriotic All Year

Freedom Fatigues has the best all-season selection of bold patriotic apparel and American flag clothing. Whether looking for the perfect patriotic gift or just the right all-American message to sport yourself, we guarantee top-quality products to satisfy your American pride.

Our family-run business is a veteran/LEO-owned company dedicated to supplying you with clothing and accessories made exclusively in the United States. We spend countless hours sourcing and selecting other American-owned businesses to partner with to support our nation’s economy.

Freedom Fatigues is also committed to bringing awareness to cumulative PTSD and hero suicide in the first responder and military communities. We are honored to support non-profit organizations that do the same.