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      Men’s Patriotic Apparel

      If you’ve been looking for an American lifestyle apparel brand to embody your unapologetically patriotic spirit, or if you just enjoy a good, old-fashioned patriotic shirt, then look no further. Freedom Fatigues has a fantastic variety of patriotic clothing for you.

      Freedom Fatigues is a Veteran/LEO-owned and operated company based just outside of Detroit. We partner with fellow American companies to bring you the highest quality, warm and cold weather patriotic clothing, including patriotic men’s tees, hoodies, and accessories.

      American patriotic shirts from Freedom Fatigues are made by people who love our country and wish to support our fellow veterans and first responders. Our American patriotic shirts, hoodies, and tees embody the American way of life, so you can be proud to wear one. 

      Men’s Patriotic T-shirts

      Men’s patriotic t-shirts are a wardrobe essential for any proud American citizen. Patriotic shirt choices on our website include the heather gray, long-sleeved We The People thermal, ideal for layering underneath sweaters and hoodies. This super soft tri-blend shirt is 100% American made.

      One of our most popular items, the Murdered Out American Flag shirt in heather black, is only found at Freedom Fatigues and is our unique design. The matte black flags on the sleeve and front of this men’s t-shirt can only be seen from just the right angle.

      Check out our great summer shirt selection of authentic, red-white-and-blue patriotic shirts, American flag tees, and men’s shirts. Up your style game this summer with our distressed graphic Betsy Ross Flag shirt to celebrate our second amendment rights, a memorial shirt to honor our history or a patriotic eagle shirt.

      Our Patriot Born Free men’s drinking party t-shirt will have you cracking open a cold one on a hot summer’s day while sporting a vintage style, distressed graphic.

      For that special someone, don’t just settle for one patriotic shirt; get them three. Our Triggered Trifecta bundle is guaranteed to show off your patriotism and trigger a few snowflakes in the process. The Triggered Trifecta features three of our definition tees: Offensive, Woke, and Assault Rifle in red, heather gray, and blue.

      Men’s Patriotic Hoodies

      This fall, let our American flag clothing keep you warm. Our American Flag Patch hoodie in ultra-soft tri-blend fleece is made in the U.S.A. and has a removable Velcro flag patch.

      Get Pew Pew Nation Apparel

      Don’t be without your Pew Pew shirt this summer! Get your I Plead The 2nd by Pew Pew Nation and let your patriotic colors shine to support patriotism, our military, the police, and first responders.

      Support Veterans and American Heroes

      Support veterans and spread awareness in a military life shirt with our 22 Veterans A Day - Heavy Is The Weight Of Freedom design, a super soft premium tri-blend shirt. Freedom Fatigues guarantees that 100% of net profit from the sale of this shirt will be donated to combat PTSD and veteran suicide.

      Shop Freedom Fatigues for American-Made Patriotic Men’s Apparel

      Freedom Fatigues is proud to offer exceptional customer service. Contact our friendly representatives if you have any questions about sizing, styles, or shipping.