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Designed to work with our new key organizers, the mini utility knife + bottle opener tool inserts will turn your key organizer into a multipurpose pocket tool. With functions including a handy utility knife, bottle opener, pry tool as well as flat head screwdriver, you'll find yourself fully prepared for all possible circumstances with your key organizer turned compact lightweight multipurpose pocket tool.

  • Made of grade 5 6AL-4V titanium, 0.08″ thick
  • The titanium KB Lock uses torsion bars with stainless steel studs that jump over cams machined on the tool inserts, giving a satisfying SNAP when opened and closed with just the right amount of resistance

Utility Knife Blade Installation Instructions: To install the blade, open the tension plate all the way to expose the pocket. Drop the razor blade into place, making sure it is flat in the pocket so that it is secure. Close tension plate. Mini Utility Tool Insert is ready for use.

Disclaimer: The Mini Utility Tool Insert is, of course, very sharp and could cause bodily injury if not handled carefully. Users should take special care to ensure that the blade insert itself is not left exposed when not in use and that it is folded fully into the closed position. Never use the Mini Utility Tool Insert while otherwise occupied or distracted such as when operating a motor vehicle. 

The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a toy and is likewise not intended to be used as a hunting or similar knife and will not withstand forces necessary to cut through thick or solid materials. The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a replacement for ordinary or everyday knives but is only intended for very light use. Freedom Fatigues is not responsible for any injury caused by misuse of the Mini Utility Tool Insert or negligence on the part of its owner or user.

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This product is ready to ship! Orders go out within 1-2 business days of your purchase. We offer both USPS and UPS shipping options as well as free shipping for orders over $99.

Need to make a return or exchange sizes? We are happy to help! Freedom Fatigues offers a 30-day return/exchange window on all products except gift cards and clearance items.

Please email customerservice@freedomfatigues.com to initiate your return. We will email a prepaid return label you can use to return your items. You can view our full return policy here.

Proud to Support Those Who Serve & Protect

With every purchase, we’re able to give back to organizations that have the same values we do: supporting the mental health of our veterans and first responders. We’re proud to be a partner in the fight against hero suicide.

Who We Are

Freedom Fatigues is a veteran and LE owned and operated company producing only American-made apparel and accessories. We don't just print in the USA - we MAKE it here! 🇺🇸


“Made in America” isn’t just a label we slap on our products. It means something to us. You can be confident that every stitch and seam was sewn right here. We have spent countless hours sourcing and selecting small businesses to partner with in order to provide our customers with superior-quality, truly American-made products they can feel proud to wear and that embody the American way of life.


Born from a love for our country and a desire to serve, Freedom Fatigues allows us to support our fellow veterans and first responders who are struggling with mental health issues as a result of their service to our country and/or their communities. Our mission is to bring awareness to cumulative PTSD and hero suicide and we do this by giving back to nonprofits who are committed to the same purpose.


Chris spent 9 years in the Air National Guard proudly serving his country and 18 years as a police officer, proudly serving his community. But, a serious, career-ending accident on duty (and subsequent spinal surgeries) left him questioning his purpose – for his family and the world. Freedom Fatigues gave Chris the sense of meaning and direction that had been missing since the accident. The business allows him to give back and stay connected to the military and law-enforcement communities that were such a large part of his life.


Purchases on our site help us support other small American businesses that we partner with, including fellow veteran-owned companies, multi-generational family-owned businesses, and LEO-owned and operated companies. We do our part to support American manufacturing and jobs, and every purchase made enables these efforts.

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