Why Should You Buy American-Made Patriotic Apparel?

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There are few things more American than wearing patriotic apparel to show our love of our country. Many Americans make patriot apparel part of their daily ensemble, whether a t-shirt with “USA” screen printed on the front or a hat with an Old Glory patch. We aren’t afraid to show just how much this great nation of ours means to us, and we will proudly wear its colors over our hearts.

But not all patriotic apparel is created equal. Some brands might put the Stars and Stripes on their clothing, but the tag will say “Made Elsewhere.” Part of being patriotic means supporting everything that makes our nation great, including its companies and workers. Here are some reasons why every proud American should ensure every piece of patriotic apparel has “Made in the USA.” on the tag.

Support American Industry

One of the reasons our nation is the world’s largest economy is the unstoppable might of American industry. From farmers who raise crops to factories that make our goods, the cornerstone of our prosperity is the thousands of proud American companies.

Patriotic Apparel, from an American-owned company that manufactures its products in America, is an investment in our nation. Your hard-earned dollars don’t go to some factory far away; instead, they go to your fellow Americans and help support prosperity across the country.

These American companies are our nation’s future. They have been made by the blood, sweat, and tears of your fellow citizens who have sacrificed to make their American Dream a reality. Giving your money to them will inject money into our national economy and help all Americans rise on a tide of prosperity.

Men's Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-shirt

Support American Workers

Buying patriotic apparel from an American company does more than help our nation’s businesses; it helps keep high-paying, decent jobs in America. From the farmers who pick the cotton for the raw materials, from the petroleum industry workers who drill the oil for plastics and synthetic fabrics, to the garment workers who sew the clothes together, to the drivers who deliver it, your money keeps Americans employed.

Our nation is great when Americans support each other. Patriotic apparel made by Americans for Americans revitalizes our communities and helps keep America’s place at the head of nations.

Reinvest in Your Community

Purchasing apparel from an American company helps more than just the company’s employees. A prosperous company in an area has enormous effects. The workers will have greater purchasing power which they will use to eat out, buy goods, and support other local businesses. They will also have the means to become homeowners, making neighborhoods safer and raising everyone’s home value.

Patriotism is more than just a shirt; it is supporting the communities that make up our great nation.

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Keep Your Money Out of Dictators’ Pockets

Unlike garment workers in the United States, who make a decent wage and have rights, garment workers abroad often work in terrible conditions with few, if any, rights. There are horrible stories of slave labor being used, and the government has gone so far as to ban clothes from certain areas like Xinjiang in China because there was a mountain of evidence that slave labor was used to harvest cotton.

Americans do not support those things; hundreds of thousands of Americans have paid the ultimate price to ensure that no one in our country experiences those terrible hardships. No patriot should support any brand that goes along with these practices. Instead, they should support American brands that employ free, well-paid American workers.

100% American-Made Patriotic Apparel from Freedom Fatigues

Freedom Fatigues is an Armed Forces/LEO veteran-owned family-run company that sells 100% American-made patriotic apparel. Every hoodie, t-shirt, and tank we sell is made from 100% American sourced materials from the fabric to the stitching while every hat is handmade right here in the USA.

But Freedom Fatigues stands for more than American-made quality. As an Armed Forces/LEO veteran-owned company, we believe in giving back to those who have sacrificed for the freedom and security of our nation.

Freedom Fatigues donates a portion of each sale to support non-profits dedicated to Military and First Responder Veteran mental health. These organizations ensure that every veteran gets the support they need and the mental health care they deserve.

Buy patriotic apparel from Freedom Fatigues, support our veterans, support a family-owned business, and support your fellow Americans..